8 reasons to upgrade your PC to Windows 10

There were months of development and expectation, especially after the poor reception of Windows 8 which, although it is a very functional system, brought a confusing and unfamiliar interface to users. 
8 reasons to upgrade your PC to Windows 10

But now Windows 10 is ready to be commercialized and reaches consumers in several countries at midnight on Wednesday.

If you follow technology news frequently, you certainly noticed that the platform is much more intuitive, simple, and embraces all possible devices, from ordinary desktops to tablets and smartphones. 

And it is no wonder: Microsoft has made it clear that the idea is to put the new software on different devices, but without changing its essence. 

In practice, this means that the experience of using the system will be the same regardless of the product (notebook, mobile, etc.).

Another feature is that Windows 10 symbolizes one of the biggest changes in the history of the company's operating system, and can easily be compared to the thunderous launch of Windows XP. 

Of course, it is still early to declare that the platform will be a success, but the chances are many, especially now that we know numerous functions that will be present in the gadgets equipped with the software.

Taking all this into account, you must ask yourself: is it worth upgrading my machine to Windows 10? 

We have separated some reasons that justify an immediate upgrade on your PC and why this is the best time for you to download or purchase a copy of the new Microsoft system.

1. Windows 10 adapts to multiple devices

As stated earlier, it doesn't matter if you have a computer, notebook, tablet, or smartphone: everyone will receive a version of the platform specially adapted for that type of device. 

This Tuesday, the first gadgets that are part of the first wave of launches are the PCs, the flagship of the system. Then it will be the turn of cell phones and tablets, which should receive Windows 10 by the end of this year.

With little difference between one platform and another, the new Windows will be the same on both desktop and mobile. 

To intensify this concept, Microsoft has confirmed that there will be a single app store for both services and that each tool available in that app center will also be adaptable and optimized according to the device that the user is at hand. 

With this, the company hopes to unify its programs and ensure a unique experience on all devices.

2. For businesses and consumers

Windows may have gained its popularity because it is easy for the average user to understand. 

However, when it comes to the corporate market, Microsoft's system has always been viewed with suspicion for several reasons, including lack of security (compared to other operating systems) and because, for some professionals, the software does not allow a complete performance.

Now with Windows 10, the Redmond giant hopes to break that barrier with a more democratic system that can coexist in different situations, whether they are in everyday life or in the business environment. 

Starting with the fact that the system will be on multiple devices: with greater connectivity, the user experience can be maximized and better organized, whether you are at work or at home.

An example of this enhancement is that future mobile devices with Windows 10 will already come with Word, Excel and PowerPoint pre-installed at the factory. 

OneDrive, a cloud service from Microsoft, can also be accessed from the new Windows, and can automatically synchronize all your files, documents, and photos in the cloud for you to view them on your tablet, PC or any other device equipped with Windows 10.

We still have two outstanding functions focused on productivity. The first is the so-called "Continuum", which adapts the mouse and keyboard to gadgets with touch screens. 

The second tool, on the other hand, is the "Task View", which allows you to manage multiple tasks in different workspaces - as already happens in Mac OS X and in the main versions of Linux.

3. Start menu

Yes, he is back. After being removed in Windows 8 and included again in version 8.1 of the system, the iconic Start menu will return in Windows 10 to the delight of (almost) all users. 

And there is no secret: it remains the same, as in the latest versions of Windows. But now the interface has a set of dynamic blocks similar to the "tablet" sets in Windows 8. 

This grouping is right next to the left column in which the programs and the universal search bar are displayed.

It is through this "new" menu that you can also access a quick list of the latest running applications, as well as the configuration tabs, e-mail, calendar, climate and temperature, news, among other functions.

4. Cortana

Based on Bing searches, Cortana can be easily accessed through the Start menu. It will call the user by name and give more complete answers than other similar services on the market, such as Siri, from iOS, and Google Now, from Android. 

For example, when you ask about the weather, the platform provides a weather mapping not just for that day, but for the rest of the week as well. And it even warns you on which days there is the greatest chance of rain or shine.

Cortana also supports voice commands. In addition to searching the Internet, the assistant can scan files stored in folders on your computer or in the cloud, schedule appointments, start or pause music playback, send e-mails and remind you of important things you shouldn't forget.

5. Microsoft Edge

Much more than a complete overhaul at the roots of the operating system, Windows 10 will be the starting point for the death of some Microsoft products that have been heavily criticized over the past few years. 

One is the famous Internet Explorer web browser, which, although it is still present in the update package, will be replaced by a new browser.

This is Microsoft Edge, initially known as Project Spartan. Faster and cleaner than the outdated IE, Edge gives a greater focus on navigation, without neglecting some interesting features - and in the right measure, which is the main thing. 

Among them is the possibility of making notes, doodles, and drawings on the website accessed, in addition to integration with assistant Cortana.

There is also a reading mode that formats web pages and turns them into a kind of PDF online as if it were a book. That way, the program eliminates unwanted advertisements or links so you can focus on what really matters. 

And if you don't have that much time or if your internet connection is unavailable, just save the pages you want for you to read them later.

6. More speed and safety

Like every update, Windows 10 comes with new features to ensure more security than its predecessors. Of all the news, three stand out more: Device Guard, Microsoft Passport, and Windows Hello.

The device Guard is aimed at companies. With it, bosses will be able to block devices under threat from malware or any other program that is not on a list of trusted apps created by the company itself or in the tools listed by the Windows Store. 

The leaders will have control over what remains or leave this ranking, and the system sends notifications to employees saying whether that tool in use is safe.

Microsoft Passport and Windows Hello are two functions that work together. 

While Passport eliminates the need for you to always have to enter a password to access your PC, Hello is based on biometrics capabilities, allowing you to unlock your computer through the iris of the eye, fingerprint or face recognition - as long as your machine has the required components for this task.

In addition to security, speed is another key point of Windows 10, especially if we take into account the leap in speed that happened between Windows 7 and 8.1. 

Now that the launch of the new Windows is there, being fast is crucial, especially since a specific audience will benefit from the improvements: gamers. 

That's because DirectX 12 will make its debut on the new Microsoft platform, thus offering a more complete way for developers to create experiences with higher performance.

7. Games

As said, Windows 10 comes to be a democratic system, whether you are a professional or an ordinary user. However, the platform will not abandon entertainment. 

On the contrary: if you have an Xbox One, know that it will be possible to mirror a game running on your console to the computer screen and complete the game directly from the PC. 

This same feature will work for broadcasting multiplayer matches. You can also integrate your contact list and achievements through the Xbox app on Windows 10.

And oh, last but not least: in addition to the return to the Start menu, the card game Solitaire, another great symbol in Microsoft's history, will return in the new Windows. 

The game will come installed at the factory, without the need to access the Windows Store to download it, as it happens today in Windows 8.1.

8. Windows 10 will be free

Cortana, Edge, universal apps ... You saw that there are many highlights that promise to make Windows 10 the best software ever created by Microsoft so far. 

But what took many people by surprise, and perhaps was the best news among all the announcements made by the company, is that the new operating system can be downloaded for free for those who already have a licensed version of Windows 7 or Windows 8.1.

This issue of gratuity can still cause doubts, especially for those who have a machine running a pirated version of the platform. 

In short: regardless of whether your Windows is fake or original, a notification in the right corner of the taskbar should have already appeared informing you about the possibility of updating. 

When accessing it, you will see a step by step to book this update and get your PC ready for download.

Windows 10 updates will be mandatory

That's where the confusion started. If your Windows 7 or 8.1 is legitimate, there will be no problems; just follow the instructions to complete the installation. 

On the other hand, if the system is not genuine, a warning will appear stating that that copy has no license and that, for this reason, it will be necessary to purchase a legal license from Microsoft.

The installation window itself will display links for you to purchase an official copy of the software and be able to update your computer.


These are just some of the reasons why you should install Windows 10 right now on your machine. 

Of course, this decision is only up to you, but the fact is that the new system arrives to please audiences of all types, whether they are novices, who may never have used a Windows platform frequently, or veterans, who even opting for the system of Microsoft, ended up losing interest in the software after several years without major news.


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