June 2020

Kinemaster is a free video editing application that can be downloaded on Android smartphones. There are several editing options, including slow motion tools, audio, the ability to cut your video and effects.
Kinemaster: edit (almost) professional videos on Android

The app also allows you to share your creations on social networks like Instagram and Facebook - or save them to your gallery. Next, check out the step-by-step guide for using Kinemaster on your smartphone.

Kinemaster: how to edit video

Cropping your video and making the first edits

Step 1: Download the app from the Google Play Store. Then, on the home screen, tap the “+” icon to choose a video from your gallery.

Step 2: Select the aspect ratio of the video on Kinemaster according to the social network you want to post it to. On IGTV, for example, videos are posted vertically (9:16 ratio).

Step 3: Select a video from your gallery to start editing it. Touch the check icon in the upper right corner of the screen to confirm.

Step 4: To select a specific part of your video, just drag it to the right. The end of it will be delimited by the orange stripe at the bottom of the Kinemaster.

Step 5: To add a song or other audio to your video, tap on the “Audio” option, located in the circle on the right side of the screen.

Step 6: Then, select a song that is on your device to finish the process.

Step 7: In addition to an already recorded audio, you can also use Kinemaster to insert a voice recording into your video. To do this, touch “Voice” in the circle on the right.

Step 8: tap "Start" to make your recording.

Kinemaster: adding layers to your video

You can also edit your videos on Kinemaster through layers, which allow you to add media, effects, overlays, and other tools. For this:

Step 1: Touch the “Layer” option, next to the orange circle, on the right.

Step 2: To select a media and add it to your Kinemaster video, tap on “Media”. By selecting the “Effect” option, under “Media”, you can edit your videos with presets. Tap on “Basic Effects” to select options available on the free Kinemaster.

Step 4: in “Overlay”, you can add stickers to your Kinemaster videos. There are several options.

Step 5: After your overlay has been chosen, you can choose its opacity, movement in the video, or color. To do this, navigate between the menu options on the right side.

Step 6: also in the “Layer” menu, you can add text to your video on Kinemaster. To do this, touch the “T” icon and type what you want. Then, tap “OK”.

Step 7: After adding your text to the Kinemaster video, you can edit it. To do this, navigate through the menu on the right side. You can change the font (in “Aa”), the color and also choose animation options (like words that shake in the video or that blink slowly).

Step 8: In the same layer menu, choose “Calligraphy” to write something with your own hand, without having to use the fonts available at Kinemaster. It is possible to change the color used and delete the text as many times as necessary.

Kinemaster: extra functions

Navigating the menu on the left side of the Kinemaster, you have access to extra tools that allow you to finish editing your video.

Step 1: To undo an action in the editor, touch the first menu icon. In the icon below, you can redo something that was accidentally undone.

Step 2: below, in the square icon, you can take screenshots of your video in its current state.

Step 3: on the Kinemaster gear icon, you can put the finishing touches on audio, video and also editing, how to activate the feature “Audio fade in / out”, “Video fade in / out”, change the duration of videos and also its presentation mode (how to adjust the video on the screen, fill the screen and others).

Step 4: in the next icon, also in the menu on the left side of the screen, you can see all the changes that were made in the video and the exact moment that each one appears on the screen.

Step 5: Finally, by tapping the last menu icon, you can go directly to the beginning or end of the video.

Kinemaster: saving your video

Once you have finished editing on Kinemaster, tap the icon in the upper right corner of the screen to save the video to your gallery.

On the next screen, you can define the quality of the video and check more details about it. Finally, just tap on “Export”.

Did you already know the Kinemaster? What do you think about the app? Tell us in the comments!

The browser on Android is an application that must be present on all Android devices. But sometimes not all browsers are comfortable to use. 
Top 5 Fastest Android Browser of June 2020 You Need to Try

Currently, there are many browsers that you can download easily on Google Playstore, but you also need to choose which one you are comfortable to use according to the device you have.

The browser is software that functions to receive and present information sources from the Internet. An information source is identified by a uniform source identifier which can be a web page, image, video, or other types of content.

Fastest Android Browser Recommendation June 2020

By choosing the right browser, you will be more comfortable when browsing. Browsing is a routine activity carried out by cellphone users at this time. It can even take hours just to find various information needed from the internet.

Now, to complete your needs in accessing the internet world, we will recommend 5 best browser that is comfortable and very easy to use on a daily basis on Android.

Here are the 5 Fastest Android Browser Recommendations for June 2020 that You Need to Try!

Google Chrome

Google chrome for android

Google's service is present for the Android system that can spoil users in exploring the world of the internet. This is the first browser that we recommend. Apart from its simple and easy appearance, it also doesn't make the smartphone so heavy if only installing this one browser.

Opera Mini

Opera mini for android

Opera Mini is a web browser specifically designed for mobile phones, PDA phones, and Smartphones. For desktop applications called Opera, no-frills "mini". 

This browser is also quite comfortable to use in surfing to find various important information in the internet world. In addition to Android, Opera Mini is also present for the Windows Mobile operating system, iOS, BlackBerry OS, UIQ3, Symbian, and Zeebo.

Firefox Lite

firefox lite for android

Firefox presents the Lite version for smartphone users to make it lighter and easier to use. It looks a little different from the usual Firefox, more simple and easy to understand. 

The size of this browser is only about 6MB, so you could say it's quite small, isn't it! That way, also able to save your phone space. In addition, there are turbo mode features that are claimed to be able to accelerate the experience of exploring the virtual world.

UC browser

Uc browser for android

UC Browser is an alternative to several browsers that you can choose for Android. The advantage of this browser that you can see is gesture control to perform certain functions, namely by doing movements on the screen. 

There is also a feature of switching from one tab to another tab faster. The thing I like the most is when watching a video can be locked or locked, so it can not move or do any touch.

DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser

DuckDuck Go browser for android

If you're someone who is very concerned about privacy, maybe a browser called DuckDuckGo is the best option for you. In this browser, security is prioritized so that browsing history from Google will be removed.

These are 5 recommendations of our Android browser, hopefully, this article can be useful for you.

You know you have enough space, but still, you get the annoying "error, insufficient space" message on your Android smartphone. Do not panic! We explain how to clear cache memory to fix Android error.
How to fix the "Error: Insufficient space on Android" message

Today, new Android phones come with plenty of available memory. It is normal that even if you take and take thousands of photos, the memory never ends. However, not all of us are lucky to have a next-generation mobile. 

If this is your case, it is very likely that you have internal memory problems. In fact, the Android operating system will take up a large part of that internal memory. 

Many times, with a couple of extra applications and several photos or videos, the internal memory will reach its limit. 

If the internal memory of your Android smartphone is so limited, surely you have ever seen the message: "insufficient memory", especially if you are trying to update an already installed application or if you are trying to install a new app on your Android mobile.

You may have already done everything considered obvious, that is, delete applications that you do not use, insert an external microSD memory, clean your download folder, or even delete all your photos and videos.

Sometimes we also get to restore the smartphone to its factory settings, and the error of "insufficient memory" continues to appear.

Why? Cache.

If you don't feel like having to replace your device with one that has more internal memory, don't worry, you can still fix your Android smartphone if you know how to delete the unnecessary cache.

How to Clear Cache on Android

If you have already deleted all the files that you don't need and you still get the “insufficient memory” error message, then you definitely need to clear the cache of your Android device.

1. Clear all cache memory

On most Android smartphones, it is a simple task. You just have to open 'Settings' in the start menu and go to the 'Storage' section.

If you have a MicroSD card in which you store file and application data, two options will appear: 'Shared internal storage' and 'SD card'.

Tap on the 'Shared internal storage' option and then on 'Cached data'.

A window will open saying: “Clear cached data?”, Select 'OK' to clear all cache of applications.

In this way, you are deleting all cache data from the phone, but if you prefer to delete cache data only from certain applications, then you can do it by going to the settings of each application.

2. Clear app cache individually

To clear app cache individually, go to 'Settings> Apps'.

In this section, the list of all the applications you have installed will appear, select the app you want and tap on the 'Storage' section.

Once here, select the 'Clear cache' option, and all the cache data stored by that application will disappear from your Android smartphone, leaving you free space so you can update, download or take more photos and videos.

There are several errors on Facebook that, although quite annoying, can be easily resolved - which ensures that the social network is taken full advantage of. 

6 common Facebook mistakes and how to fix them

The most common mistakes include notifications that don't work, chat that doesn't send messages, and other problems. Learn more below.

Facebook error: timeline doesn't load correctly

To avoid operating errors such as sending likes, comments, and the like, keep the Facebook application up to date. This ensures that the latest version is up and running - since, the more recent, the more bug fixes have been made by the developers.

To update the application and avoid errors on Facebook is very simple: just search for Facebook on Google Play and tap on “Update application”. 

On iOS, just open the App Store and access your profile. Finally, just scroll down to access pending updates and select Facebook if it is in the options.

Facebook error: notifications don't work

Already, if you are not receiving your notifications on Facebook, it may be because they are disabled in the application settings. 

So, even if you have already updated the application on your device and it still doesn't work, try accessing the "Settings" menu followed by "Applications> Facebook> Notifications" (on your Android phone). Then just activate Facebook notifications. On iOS, the process is similar, but it is done in the "Settings" menu.

If, even with notifications enabled on your device, the problem is still not resolved, try accessing the notification settings in the application itself. 

To do this, access the menu represented by the three lines in the upper right corner of the screen. Then, go to “Notification settings” and change your preferences.

Facebook error: chat bar doesn't load

Another very common Facebook error is the absence of the chat bar on the smartphone screen. If yours is not showing, it may be because it is disabled in the app.

To resolve this issue, select the settings icon at the bottom of the sidebar. Then, tap “Enable chat”. 

On the smartphone, make sure that the Facebook Messenger application is up to date so that contacts can be displayed by tapping the chat icon in the upper right corner of the Facebook screen.

Facebook error: the message is not sent

If you are having problems with sending messages on Facebook, there are three solutions available: the first is to check if you are really connected to the internet (either by 4G or Wi-Fi).

If you're using the Facebook version of the web, try updating your browser. The latest versions are always more reliable against errors.

Finally, your messages may not be reaching the recipient because you are blocked on Facebook. This happens when you have sent a very high number of messages or when some of them have been reported for spam, or for inappropriate behavior. It is worth remembering that, in these cases, the block is temporary.

Facebook error: photos don't load

If your photos are not loading as they should, you can resolve this error on Facebook in several different ways. First, make sure the photo you're trying to upload isn't too big. 

The maximum size allowed by Facebook is 15MB. To access this information, just open your smartphone gallery and then the photo in question. Then, tap "Details" in the menu to see the format, size, date the photo was taken, among other information.

If that doesn't work, check if the version of Facebook - or browser - used is the most recent and update it as soon as possible. In addition, if you are using a program or application that blocks ads on your device, remember to disable it or include Facebook in your list of exceptions.

Finally, if you have edited the photo with the help of programs like Photoshop, try to upload the original version. Remember that if you've recently been reported to Facebook, it may be that the social network has suspended your posts for a while.

Facebook error: videos that don't load

Finally, if you are trying to add a video to Facebook, but without success, first of all, check if the video format is compatible with the one accepted by the social network - that is, MP4 or MOV.

If the previous solution does not work, check the length and size of the video - the maximum is 120 minutes and 4GB. Finally, it is always valid to check if you have an internet connection.

These were some of Facebook's most recurring mistakes - and easy to fix. What others do you know? Share with us in the comments

From the appearance of smartphones in our lives until today, surely more than one phone has passed through our hands. 

Delete the Google account from mobiles that you no longer use

Each phone will always be associated with our Google account and every time we associate the Google account with a phone, it will be saved and registered. 

This could go unnoticed, so over time, we can accumulate linked mobiles. In the event that we have sold the mobile, it may pose a risk to our privacy and security. 

The ideal every time we stop using a mobile is to delete the registration of the Google account and today we are going to tell you how we can do it.

One of the ways we have to protect our security is to be able to delete our Google account on mobiles that we no longer use. 

Despite the fact that we think that by formatting and factory reset the device is enough to delete all our data, we often forget that our Google account is still registered in it, but we proceed to delete it.

Delete Google Account

To proceed to delete your account from any device that you no longer use, you must access this Google page and log in. Next, we must access the " Your devices" section. 

Here we will find registered all the devices in which we have logged in with this account. Google is responsible for saving data as the first login and the location of the last recent activity. 

From this section, we can remove access to that device without having to have physical access to it.

To unlink the device is as simple as clicking on the three vertical points that we find in the upper right of each device registered with our account. 

Now a tab will appear where we must click on "Close session". Once this is done, the device will be disconnected from our Google account so that no one can access it.

Unknown Device?

In the "Your devices" section, it may also be the case that we find a device linked to our account that we do not recognize. This may be because someone else may have obtained our password. 

But do not worry, because Google gives us the option to change the password in order to protect our account.

If we click on the three vertical points of the device that we do not recognize, next to the "Close session" option we will have the option of Do not recognize this device? 

From here, Google will allow us to change the password of our account. For this, it will be necessary to log out of all the linked devices, except for the one we are using at the time. 

Once the password has been changed we will have to log in again on each of the linked devices and remove from the list anyone we do not recognize.

This time we are here to give you some Smart Ways to Maintain Smartphone Security. Maintaining smartphone security is a mandatory requirement for smartphone users today. 

The Smart Way to Maintain the Security of Your Smartphone

In addition to staying safe in using a smartphone as well so that your personal data is maintained and not easily spread unknown.

In maintaining security and care for him certainly not as easy as you think. Because even though our smartphone is a smart smartphone though. 

There must be a certain gap in making the security of our smartphones become weak and easily broken. In fact, hackers will also increasingly innovate with their new tricks to be able to break into the security of our smartphone.

Therefore, we need to be self-aware and try to keep our smartphones safe and secure with Smart Ways to Maintain Smartphone Security that we can do on our own. 

Let's try to see some ways that are smart ways to maintain the security of our smartphone. Here are some smart ways to maintain the security of your smartphone:

Lock your Smartphone

Giving a certain key to your device is a simple way to keep your personal data safe. Because in this way other people will find it difficult to open our smartphone.

And if your friend says about something that you are a cheapskate, then that is one of your responsibilities in protecting your data. Because it's better to make sure your smartphone stays in safe hands than easily opened by anyone even though it includes your own friends.

Always Update Your Smartphone System

By updating the smartphone system, you can enjoy security updates provided by the developer. Because every developer will always try to improve the security of their system. When we don't apply updates like that, you automatically increase risk factors.

Getting an updated smartphone is not a very complicated process. Simply download the update and click the install button. In 5-10 minutes, you will get a safer call.

Use VPN When Using Public Wifi

Now many public wifi providers are out there. And that all also increases the risk for us to easily lose our data. A suggestion from us, it would be better for you to use a VPN when accessing public wifi. 

Because then your smartphone's IP will not be easily recognized and will certainly be difficult to be known by hackers. Here's How to Protect Your Browser Using VPN.

Use the Application From Play Store

Of course, to provide extra security in a smartphone, we must use an application that has been guaranteed by the system. Because right now there are still many people who use download applications to be able to get applications without a license. Though it will be very dangerous for the security of our smartphone.

In this way, we create our own weaknesses. Where we can not know whether the application contains a virus or not. And when the application contains a virus. Our smartphone will automatically be damaged quickly because of the virus.

Always Use Two-Step Security (Two-Factor Authentication)

This method is often encountered in making a google account. Google presents two-factor authentication so that users can 'lock-in' their Google services. Use this method so that your data security is more locked and secure in your smartphone.

Do you regret having installed Windows 10 May 2020 update? We explain how to go back to the previous version.

How to uninstall Windows 10 May update


  • How to uninstall Windows 10 May 2020 update 
  • How to uninstall Windows 10 May Update in Recovery Mode

Although this was not the case initially, now most compatible computers already have the Windows 2020 May 10 update available to them. It was launched at the end of last month but the deployment has been gradual.

There are several reasons to install this update, so it wouldn't surprise us if you had already installed it on your device. However, even though it had to fix several Windows 10 problems, it has caused many more.

In fact, as of this writing, Microsoft has recognized at least nine issues, most of which date from May 27, when the software was officially released.

Many Windows users will be able to update their computers or laptop without any major problem, but if you are among those who have been done more harm than good by the update, you will want to know how to go back to the previous version.

How to uninstall Windows 10 May 2020 update

Although there are other ways to do it, in this tutorial we will teach you how to uninstall an update that you have installed in the last 10 days. In Windows 10, there is an option to go back to the previous version, but it is no longer enabled after a week and a half.

This version prior to the May 2020 update is likely to be the Windows 10 November 2019 update. Going to that version should fix the issues associated with newer versions.
  • Go to the 'Settings' panel, followed by 'Update & Security', and click on the 'Recovery' tab.
  • Under 'Return to the previous version of Windows 10', click on the 'Start' button. If the screen of the image above appears without this option, it means that you are using another version of the system that is not Windows 10.
  • It is also possible that, as in the case of the previous image, you cannot hit the 'Start' button because 10 days have passed since you installed the update.
  • Follow the instructions that appear on the screen and finally restart your computer so that the changes are saved.

How to uninstall the Windows 10 May Update in Recovery Mode

However, you may find yourself in a situation where you can't even access the Settings menu. Your screen may be completely blue, or you may not be able to turn on the computer directly.

In these situations, you should use Recovery Mode:
  • Head to the on / off options, either from the Start menu or the login screen.
  • Hold down the 'Shift' key while clicking 'Reset' to activate Recovery Mode.
  • A menu will appear. Click on 'Troubleshoot', followed by 'Advanced Options' and finally 'Uninstall Updates'.
  • Now, choose 'Uninstall the latest update'. Then you will be asked to enter your Microsoft password.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and your device will reboot now without the latest update.


    If you have a mobile, you surely have WhatsApp installed. Everyone knows how to use it, but new features are added continuously, which releases new tricks to get the most out of WhatsApp. These are the last ones you need to know.

    10 current WhatsApp tricks you may not know

    WhatsApp is possibly the most widely used smartphone app in the world. Only YouTube, Facebook, and some others shade it. We use it all day, at all hours. 

    Is there something we don't know about WhatsApp? Well, the truth is yes. Check it out with these  10 current WhatsApp tricks that you surely don't know.

    How can an app hide secrets that we have been using on a daily basis for years? The key is in the application concept itself, which no longer exists at the WhatsApp level. WhatsApp is no longer an app. It is a service.

    And what is the difference? It is constantly and fluidly updated, without the user being aware of it. Of course, we receive notices of these updates, but they are integrated into the application without us having to do anything.

    If you have been using WhatsApp since it was released in 2009, surely you will no longer recognize those first versions, which only allowed you to exchange text. Everything has changed in these years!

    Constant updates add new features. And in turn, they give rise to new current WhatsApp tricks that you surely do not know. Let's have a look at some of them.

    1 - Send a private reply in a group

    This feature is so new, that at the time of writing this article was only available in the WhatsApp beta. But since the beta can be converted to a new version of WhatsApp at any time, we have included it, because it will be added soon.

    It is now possible to reply privately within a group. Until now, if you wanted to send a private message to a group member, you had to leave it and open the individual chat with that person. 

    But the latest version of WhatsApp allows you to open a private conversation between two members of a group, without leaving it.

    Access a group chat, select the message you want to reply to, click the three-dot icon in the upper right corner, and then select the Reply privately option.

    A private conversation will open with the selected contact, and you'll be able to reply to their message as you would with conventional quick responses.

    As we say, it is available in the beta version, and it should be available in all versions shortly.

    2 - Use several mobile numbers on the same PC

    Do you use WhatsApp Web? It is very useful if you spend many hours using a computer, and you don't want to be constantly consulting your mobile. 

    With WhatsApp Web notifications and messages reach you directly to the computer monitor or the laptop screen.

    To use WhatsApp Web you simply have to open the page in a browser and read the QR code that appears with the mobile camera:

    In theory, you can only use a mobile number, since if you open other windows in the browser, when using WhatsApp Web it shows you the mobile that you already have active.

    Can multiple mobile numbers be used on the same PC and WhatsApp Web? Yes, with a trick. You can open your main number in any browser window. 

    If you want another secondary number, just open a blank page in the Incognito Mode of the browser. There you can start another WhatsApp Web session with another phone number.

    To find out more about this application, take a look at this in-depth WhatsApp Web guide.

    3 - Elegant messages

    Surely you are used to sending a plain text in your messages. Did you know that you can also highlight words in bold, italics, or strikethrough on WhatsApp? 

    For this, you have to use special codes.

    • If you want to highlight a word or phrase in bold type an * at the beginning and end. For example * Hello *
    • If you want to send a word or phrase in italics, write the _ sign at the beginning and at the end: _Hello_
    • To cross out the word or phrase, use the symbol ~, For example, ~ hello ~

    4 - Send yourself a message

    Perhaps this current WhatsApp trick that you surely do not know, will surprise you. Why would you want to send a WhatsApp to yourself?

    If you think about it, it can be very useful to archive important information quickly. If someone sends you a photo, a video, a text that you want to retrieve later, you send it to yourself by WhatsApp and you will have it in your own chat, always at hand.

    It's a bit of a laborious process, so follow these steps to the letter.
    • Enter your phonebook or mobile contact list, and create an entry with your phone number
    • Cut internet connection
    • Open WhatsApp, go to Contacts and drag down to refresh contacts
    • Now open the Mobile Contacts app and enter the tab where you saved your contact. The WhatsApp icon should appear. Touch it to open a WhatsApp chat with your name
    • Now you can send messages, photos, videos, or whatever you want, as one more contact.

    5 - Filter your favorite stickers 

    Do you already have stickers activated on your WhatsApp? Be careful, they are not the stickers that appear on the Google keyboard, but stickers of WhatsApps, which has just been released. 

    Little by little, they are activating when you install the latest version of WhatsApp, but not everyone has them yet. 

    To find out if you have the stickers, enter a conversation, and tap on the emoji icon. When the emoji panel opens, look for the new sticker icon at the bottom. Look at the arrow in this image:

    If you do not get it, it is that you do not have the latest version of WhatsApp.

    When you have the stickers you will see that there are dozens, and you can also download additional packs. You will have a hard time finding your favorite stickers. 

    Luckily, there is a simple trick to always have your favorites at hand. Simply press and hold the sticker you want to bookmark, until the Add option appears in the pop-up message.

    You will find all your favorite stickers in the flap that opens when you touch the Star icon:

    6 - Send a chat by mail

    Sometimes you are interested in archiving a chat history or saving it to print it on paper and read it more easily or look for old information and messages.

    WhatsApp offers the possibility of sending a chat by mail, including photos and videos. Send it to yourself, and you can print it or save a copy.

    It is a very simple operation. Enter a chat, tap on the three-dot menu in the upper right corner, and then on the More option. Here you will see a button called Export chat. 

    It will give you the option of including (or not) multimedia, that is, audio and video. Then it will compress everything into a ZIP file and allow you to send it by mail, to Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.

    It is also a good trick to read messages without the recipient knowing ...

    7 - Listen to the slowest (or fastest) WhatsApp audios

    WhatsApp audio messages are very useful and practical, but if they fall into the wrong hands (that nosy sister-in-law, that heavy friend), they can be a nightmare.

    Luckily, there is a way to speed up WhatsApp audios so you don't waste so much time listening to them. We can also remove the silences if the author is used to making many breaks.

    All we need is the TalkFaster app! , available on Google Play.

    We install this app, but we will not notice any changes in WhatsApp. What we have to do is tap on audio and select the Share option. 

    There we will see that a TalkFaster icon appears! When you press it, a menu will appear that will allow us to speed up the audio, or remove the silences:

    8 - Remember important dates and information

    Although this is not a new trick, many users do not know it. Imagine that you want to remember a date, a phone, an important photo that has arrived in a message in a chat. You get a lot of messages in that chat, and it will soon be lost.

    A quick way to archive it is to leave your finger on the message for a few seconds. A bar will appear at the top. Tap on the Star icon to mark it as a favorite.

    When you want to retrieve that message with the important data, simply go to the chat list, tap on the chat name, and enter Featured messages. There will be what you have saved:

    9 - Submit a fake location

    We have no intention of promoting lies and deception, but there are times when there is no other choice but to lie about where we are, either to avoid greater evils or because for some reason, we do not want to reveal it.

    WhatsApp does not show the default location if we do not have it activated on the mobile or in the app settings, but it is possible that someone will send us a message asking for the location. What can we do? Well, simply send him a fake WhatsApp location.

    For this, we are going to need an app like  Fake GPS on Android or Fake GPS Location! on iOS.

    If you use Android, after installing Fake GPS  and before using it, you must give it certain permissions. For this, you have to enable the developer options on your mobile and activate Fake GPS in the option called Application to simulate location.

    It only remains to launch the Fake GPS app and select the false location you want to use. Well, the Play button ... and voila!

    The next time you use WhatsApp when you use the share location option, the recipient will receive the fake location.

    Use this power to do good and don't abuse it!

    10 - Create a restricted group

    Do you know the restricted groups of WhatsApp? They are a special type of group in which only the group creator (the administrator) can write messages. 

    It is very useful to create informative groups where you want to share information with several people but without anyone writing anything.

    For example, a group of informative notes at work, schedules with your fellow students, idea proposals, etc.

    You can create a restricted group from scratch or make a normal group restricted since it is part of a normal group.
    • From the menu of the three WhatsApp points, create a new group, and add at least one person (otherwise you will not be able to create it).
    • Then tap on the group name and enter Group Settings. In Edit group info, check the option Administrators only.
    • Finally, look for the option Send Messages, and check Administrators only
    • You already have a restricted WhatsApp group where only the creator of that group can send messages.

    We have seen  10 current WhatsApp tricks that you surely do not know. They are easy to apply and very practical. They are worth it!

    There are several errors in WhatsApp that, although bothersome, can be easily resolved. Most of them concern unsent messages, photos, and videos that do not upload, verification codes, among others. 

     The most common problems on WhatsApp and their solutions

    Most of the time, an error in the internet connection can solve the problem, but some other solutions can be very helpful. Learn more below.

    WhatsApp error: the message is not sent or received by the recipient

    Of course, first of all, it is important to check if your internet connection is active (either 3G or WiFi). 

    To do this, just look at the WiFi icon on the taskbar of your smartphone or, in the case of WhatsApp Web, the connection of your computer - in the case of the laptop, there is a shortcut key that disables the wireless connection: check if it was not accidentally activated.

    However, the problem is not always with your connection. If the error that appears can be read as “Waiting for this message. This may take a while, ”the problem may also be with your sender's connection.

    So, to confirm, it's worth calling him or sending an SMS message asking him to check if everything is right. The error in question is linked to WhatsApp encryption, which due to a connection problem may not be performed correctly.

    WhatsApp error: verification message is not sent

    If during the configuration of your WhatsApp account, due to an error the verification code was not sent, the problem may be in your smartphone's network. Resolving the situation is very simple: just select the option “Call me” and the code will be sent by phone.

    WhatsApp error: media files cannot be sent

    WhatsApp sets a limit for sending very large files. So if you are trying to upload a video that is too long or too many photos at once, they will not be delivered. Now, if you are unable to upload a video or image received, your smartphone's memory is probably too full.

    To solve the problem, simply delete unnecessary media files or uninstall applications you don't use. To do this, simply access the Android settings and, under "Device support", select the "Storage" option. On the iPhone, just go to "Settings> General> Storage".

    WhatsApp error: incorrect date warning

    If you've been using WhatsApp for a few years, you've probably already received the incorrect date notice. This disrupts the operation of the application and, therefore, tends to ask you to fix the date and time on your smartphone.

    To do this, on Android, access the settings and then select “General management”. Then, tap on “Date and time” and activate the “Automatic date and time” option if it is disabled. This will automatically correct the time.

    In case the option is already activated, disable it and change the time manually - in this case, it could be that the error occurred during a time change (such as daylight saving time) and your smartphone has not been updated. 

    The date and time option on the iPhone can be accessed in “Settings> General> Date and Time”, where you can also change the time zone.

    WhatsApp error: ban warning

    If you are receiving the notice that you have been banned from WhatsApp, this may be because you have not followed the application usage guidelines, which inhibits the use of the platform for illicit purposes, obscene behavior, hate speech, spam, automatic messages, among other infractions.

    Breaking these rules can lead to a temporary ban. In such cases, there is unfortunately nothing to do. If your account does not return after 72 hours, you will need to create a new one with another mobile number. For more information, visit the WhatsApp Terms of Use.

    WhatsApp error: slow application or crashing

    If WhatsApp is slow or crashing on your smartphone, this type of error is due to the excess of open apps in the background, which may be impairing the functioning of RAM. So try to shut them down.

    On Android, just touch the central key (or the left, which varies depending on the smartphone model) and drag the open applications upwards. On the iPhone, just press the center key twice and drag the applications upwards.

    WhatsApp error: contacts not appearing

    If you added a phone number to your WhatsApp, but it doesn't appear, try adding it to your calendar as well. If the problem is still not resolved, it is worth inserting the country and city area code before the person's mobile number. This usually resolves the problem.

    If nothing changes, check if WhatsApp is authorized to access your contacts. To do this, access your smartphone settings and, under "Applications", open WhatsApp. Then, under "Permissions", check that the "Contacts" option is enabled.

    These are the main WhatsApp errors, which can be solved with very simple solutions.

    Space exploration documentaries are a great way to learn in an entertaining way. And over the years there have been many dedicated to NASA. In this list, you will find some of the most interesting that you can see online.

    6 Best Documentaries about NASA that you can watch online

    If you like to learn about astronomy, space missions, and space in general, documentaries are always a good option. Instead of reading vast amounts of technical texts, they allow you to gain knowledge in a relaxing time on your sofa.

    And of course, on all streaming platforms, there are documentaries dedicated exclusively to space exploration and the missions that have made it possible over the years. 

    If you have enough free time, some platforms offer documentaries of several episodes, and even of several seasons. Of course, you will need more time to watch them, but they are generally documentaries that are worked by very reputable experts, and they are certainly worth it. 

    But if you can't spend time on an entire series, you can always go for single episode documentaries. They tend to be shorter than a movie and focus on very specific topics rather than more general aspects. 

    Leaving aside the format, within the entire offer of documentaries related to space exploration there are many dedicated to NASA and many of the missions that this agency has carried out. 

    Some focus on science topics, for example talking about specific projects carried out by NASA with the intention of studying our solar system and different regions of the universe. 

    Index of contents

    • The Mars generation 
    • Era of Hubble
    • Mercury 13
    • Mission Control: The Unsung Heroes of Apollo
    • The Fallen Astronaut
    • Death Dive to Saturn

    On the other hand, there are many other documentaries focused on NASA's history. Beyond astronauts, there are a large number of professionals who have worked hard for humans to reach space safely, and for us to better understand the universe.

    History documentaries, therefore, can be a great way to learn about the work done in a space agency, beyond what we normally see at rocket launches and similar events. 

    So, if you are interested in documentaries about NASA but do not know where to find them, in this article we have prepared a list of some documentaries of this type that you can find on various streaming platforms. 

    The Mars generation

    For many years now, the possibility of the human being traveling to Mars, and even establishing bases on the red planet, has been raised. In fact, it has even been proposed to maintain a stable population on Mars if certain objectives were to be achieved. 

    Obviously, science and technology will be the key, which will make the difference between whether we can do it or not. And it seems that it is something more real and closer in time than we might believe at first glance. 

    But apart from rockets and various technological devices, there is something very important that cannot be left out of these considerations: the astronauts who will be chosen for this type of travel. 

    The Mars Generation is a documentary focused precisely on people who want to be astronauts, and who may be candidates in the future to participate in one way or another in missions to Mars.

    The main protagonists of the documentary are very young, teenagers to be specific, but considering that it will probably take several decades to travel to Mars, it is no surprise. 

    These teenagers are preparing in what is known as Space Camp, a program managed by a government agency that has certain links with NASA. Being part of the camp is not a guarantee of a future at NASA, but it certainly brings them closer to that achievement.

    The camp provides them with education in various fields of science and technology, as well as the physical preparation necessary to adapt the human body to the conditions of the red planet. 

    Basically, they receive basic training in vital subjects for anyone who wants to apply to NASA, especially those who are interested in becoming astronauts for the US space agency. It is not a simple summer camp, it is practically a preliminary training to the actual preparation of NASA. 

    But the documentary is not limited to following those teenagers during their learning. It also serves to review NASA's history and to pose how missions on Mars might unfold based on the agency's current plans. 

    • Release year: 2017
    • Duration: 1 h 37 min
    • Where to watch: Netflix

    Era of Hubble

    The Hubble Space Telescope is probably one of the best-known astronomical observation tools globally. For decades it has been the pride of NASA, ESA, and other space agencies that collaborated in its development and are responsible for maintaining it today. 

    It has a well-deserved reputation for helping to observe the farthest reaches of the universe and giving us spectacular images of galaxies, nebulae, and other bodies hundreds, thousands, and even tens of thousands of light-years away. 

    And the Hubble Era is practically an ode to the work this telescope has done since it came online. It reviews all the images it has obtained and the information and knowledge that we have acquired over the years thanks to this telescope. 

    The documentary also narrates how scientists from various space agencies developed the technology and parts necessary to build a telescope as advanced and sensitive as Hubble. 

    All this serves as a framework to explain various data on the origin and evolution of the universe, and on different bodies and phenomena that we can find throughout space. 

    Most of these explanations are accompanied by impressive images captured by the Hubble telescope itself. So even if the data that is exposed is nothing new to you, you can enjoy truly spectacular images. 

    • Release year: 2016
    • Duration: 50 min
    • Where to watch: Prime Video

    Mission Control: The Unsung Heroes of Apollo

    When we hear about space missions, the focus is usually on the mission objectives, the ship on which it will take place, and the astronauts who will be responsible for traveling into space to carry out the mission in question.

    But behind each project related to space, there are hundreds of people in charge of very different tasks. And without all those people, space missions wouldn't even exist. 

    Mission Control: The Unsung Heroes of Apollo gives us the opportunity to meet those people. Reviewing the history of NASA, especially the Apollo missions, the documentary follows the story of many of the professionals who helped change the field of space exploration.

    The documentary reviews the reasons for these professionals to pursue a career at NASA. It also looks at some key moments from space missions carried out in the 1960s and 1970s, focusing on how they were lived from mission control rooms. 

    Considering that it is not a perspective that we often have access to, this documentary is a great way to understand how space missions are lived from Earth and the type of pressure that specialists working on them are subjected to. 

    In addition, Mission Control also displays many images of the missions in question; you'll be able to relive numerous takeoffs, the first landing on the Moon, and some of the tensest moments in the space race. 
    • Release year: 2017
    • Duration: 1h 39m
    • Where to watch: Netflix

    Mercury 13

    The documentary Mercury 13 focuses on a project of the same name developed by NASA with private funds in the early 1960s. This project sought to study the possibility of taking women into space, and the documentary narrates how the project itself developed and the consequences it had.  

    Officially, NASA had not considered sending women into space. The astronaut position was reserved for men, and there was no interest in changing the situation and rethinking their selection criteria. 

    But many scientists believed that women could be extremely valuable as astronauts. Space in the ships and capsules was extremely limited and being generally smaller and lighter women, they could be much better candidates for space travel. 

    Rather than openly embrace the idea, NASA decided to develop the Mercury 13 program, a totally secret project in which a group of women would go through the same type of testing and preparation as the male astronaut candidates.

    The intention was to check if these women had the same physical and mental capacities as the men and to verify if they were equally apt to obtain a position as astronauts at NASA.

    Not only were they shown to be just as valid as their peers, but also in numerous physical and intellectual tests their results were much better than those obtained up to that moment with male astronaut candidates. 

    But instead of rewarding them, NASA decided to cancel the project and leave the entire group of women with no chance of being astronauts and traveling into space. The reasons were simple: they considered that space was reserved for men. 

    It is the least ironic because in 1963 the USSR would send the first woman into space. But despite this, NASA would not consider it until decades later: no American woman would travel to space until 1983.

    During the documentary, the women who participated in that program are given a voice. And the negative effect that discrimination had on an agency that, at least in theory, should be dominated by scientific facts, not segregationist ideology, is also highlighted. 

    Also shown is the unfair treatment that NASA and the US Government gave these women, clinging to technicalities and overtly discriminatory laws and restrictions to prevent them from being part of the space program. 

    It is clear that not everything in space exploration is a great achievement and knowledge gaining, and Mercury 13 is a great documentary to learn about little-known parts of NASA history. 

    • Release year: 2018
    • Duration: 1h 19 min
    • Where to watch: Netflix

    Death Dive to Saturn

    Some of NASA's most important missions have focused on sending various probes to the planets in our solar system. They have been one of the keys to learning relevant data about all the planets, and about the origin of the solar system itself. 

    And one of the best-known missions of this type is the Cassini-Huygens mission, popularly known as Cassini. This mission focused on the study of Saturn, its rings, and its satellites. 

    Death Dive to Saturn presents a part of the development of this mission. NASA's Cassini orbital probe, accompanied by the Huygens surface probe (created by ESA and intended to land on the Titan satellite to study its surface), spent decades helping to make important discoveries about the characteristically ringed planet.

    But all missions have an end, and it is precisely that end that this documentary covers. In the last days of the Cassini spacecraft, it set out to do something that had never been done before: navigate in space between the planet and its inner rings.

    This involved getting closer to the planet and its clouds than ever before, which could lead to the collection of important scientific data. But it also posed serious risks, such as the possibility of colliding with the rocks that plague that region of the rings.

    The documentary presents how the final days of the mission were developed, and the hard work of engineers and all kinds of specialists so that the probe could carry out the last days of its trip successfully. 
    • Release year: 2017
    • Duration: 53 min
    • Where to watch: Netflix

    The Fallen Astronaut

    Sometimes NASA makes mistakes or acts in the least questionable ways. And the events surrounding the first work of art to be taken to the Moon are a clear example of this. 

    In 1971, during the Apollo 15 mission, one of the astronauts left a small humanoid figure on the lunar surface. It was a work of art, a small aluminum sculpture, created with the intention of being placed on the terrestrial satellite.

    But what should have been a simple gesture of union between the arts and space exploration turned into a legal and bureaucratic nightmare? Astronauts used the figure to create a small monument on the moon in honor of 14 Soviet and American astronauts, but the artist was apparently unaware of it.

    And to complicate matters further, NASA refused to acknowledge the authorship of the sculpture. For years, the author of the work would remain anonymous; NASA did not want the artist to be able to commercially exploit the work he had created in any way. 

    The problem had arisen from the agreement itself that led to the creation of the sculpture. The artist claimed that he had never agreed to remain an anonymous author, nor that his work of art was a monument to the fallen. 

    But the version given by the astronaut who initiated that agreement is completely different, and NASA stuck to this. This ended up creating a problem that lasted decades and led to uncovering protocol problems in several missions. 

    The Fallen Astronaut talks about that sculpture's trip to the Moon, about all the problems a small metal figure caused, and some details of the missions that didn't happen exactly as NASA had planned. 
    • Release year: 2020
    • Duration: 54 min
    • Where to watch: Prime Video


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