10 current WhatsApp tricks you may not know

If you have a mobile, you surely have WhatsApp installed. Everyone knows how to use it, but new features are added continuously, which releases new tricks to get the most out of WhatsApp. These are the last ones you need to know.

10 current WhatsApp tricks you may not know

WhatsApp is possibly the most widely used smartphone app in the world. Only YouTube, Facebook, and some others shade it. We use it all day, at all hours. 

Is there something we don't know about WhatsApp? Well, the truth is yes. Check it out with these  10 current WhatsApp tricks that you surely don't know.

How can an app hide secrets that we have been using on a daily basis for years? The key is in the application concept itself, which no longer exists at the WhatsApp level. WhatsApp is no longer an app. It is a service.

And what is the difference? It is constantly and fluidly updated, without the user being aware of it. Of course, we receive notices of these updates, but they are integrated into the application without us having to do anything.

If you have been using WhatsApp since it was released in 2009, surely you will no longer recognize those first versions, which only allowed you to exchange text. Everything has changed in these years!

Constant updates add new features. And in turn, they give rise to new current WhatsApp tricks that you surely do not know. Let's have a look at some of them.

1 - Send a private reply in a group

This feature is so new, that at the time of writing this article was only available in the WhatsApp beta. But since the beta can be converted to a new version of WhatsApp at any time, we have included it, because it will be added soon.

It is now possible to reply privately within a group. Until now, if you wanted to send a private message to a group member, you had to leave it and open the individual chat with that person. 

But the latest version of WhatsApp allows you to open a private conversation between two members of a group, without leaving it.

Access a group chat, select the message you want to reply to, click the three-dot icon in the upper right corner, and then select the Reply privately option.

A private conversation will open with the selected contact, and you'll be able to reply to their message as you would with conventional quick responses.

As we say, it is available in the beta version, and it should be available in all versions shortly.

2 - Use several mobile numbers on the same PC

Do you use WhatsApp Web? It is very useful if you spend many hours using a computer, and you don't want to be constantly consulting your mobile. 

With WhatsApp Web notifications and messages reach you directly to the computer monitor or the laptop screen.

To use WhatsApp Web you simply have to open the page in a browser and read the QR code that appears with the mobile camera:

In theory, you can only use a mobile number, since if you open other windows in the browser, when using WhatsApp Web it shows you the mobile that you already have active.

Can multiple mobile numbers be used on the same PC and WhatsApp Web? Yes, with a trick. You can open your main number in any browser window. 

If you want another secondary number, just open a blank page in the Incognito Mode of the browser. There you can start another WhatsApp Web session with another phone number.

To find out more about this application, take a look at this in-depth WhatsApp Web guide.

3 - Elegant messages

Surely you are used to sending a plain text in your messages. Did you know that you can also highlight words in bold, italics, or strikethrough on WhatsApp? 

For this, you have to use special codes.

  • If you want to highlight a word or phrase in bold type an * at the beginning and end. For example * Hello *
  • If you want to send a word or phrase in italics, write the _ sign at the beginning and at the end: _Hello_
  • To cross out the word or phrase, use the symbol ~, For example, ~ hello ~

4 - Send yourself a message

Perhaps this current WhatsApp trick that you surely do not know, will surprise you. Why would you want to send a WhatsApp to yourself?

If you think about it, it can be very useful to archive important information quickly. If someone sends you a photo, a video, a text that you want to retrieve later, you send it to yourself by WhatsApp and you will have it in your own chat, always at hand.

It's a bit of a laborious process, so follow these steps to the letter.
  • Enter your phonebook or mobile contact list, and create an entry with your phone number
  • Cut internet connection
  • Open WhatsApp, go to Contacts and drag down to refresh contacts
  • Now open the Mobile Contacts app and enter the tab where you saved your contact. The WhatsApp icon should appear. Touch it to open a WhatsApp chat with your name
  • Now you can send messages, photos, videos, or whatever you want, as one more contact.

5 - Filter your favorite stickers 

Do you already have stickers activated on your WhatsApp? Be careful, they are not the stickers that appear on the Google keyboard, but stickers of WhatsApps, which has just been released. 

Little by little, they are activating when you install the latest version of WhatsApp, but not everyone has them yet. 

To find out if you have the stickers, enter a conversation, and tap on the emoji icon. When the emoji panel opens, look for the new sticker icon at the bottom. Look at the arrow in this image:

If you do not get it, it is that you do not have the latest version of WhatsApp.

When you have the stickers you will see that there are dozens, and you can also download additional packs. You will have a hard time finding your favorite stickers. 

Luckily, there is a simple trick to always have your favorites at hand. Simply press and hold the sticker you want to bookmark, until the Add option appears in the pop-up message.

You will find all your favorite stickers in the flap that opens when you touch the Star icon:

6 - Send a chat by mail

Sometimes you are interested in archiving a chat history or saving it to print it on paper and read it more easily or look for old information and messages.

WhatsApp offers the possibility of sending a chat by mail, including photos and videos. Send it to yourself, and you can print it or save a copy.

It is a very simple operation. Enter a chat, tap on the three-dot menu in the upper right corner, and then on the More option. Here you will see a button called Export chat. 

It will give you the option of including (or not) multimedia, that is, audio and video. Then it will compress everything into a ZIP file and allow you to send it by mail, to Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.

It is also a good trick to read messages without the recipient knowing ...

7 - Listen to the slowest (or fastest) WhatsApp audios

WhatsApp audio messages are very useful and practical, but if they fall into the wrong hands (that nosy sister-in-law, that heavy friend), they can be a nightmare.

Luckily, there is a way to speed up WhatsApp audios so you don't waste so much time listening to them. We can also remove the silences if the author is used to making many breaks.

All we need is the TalkFaster app! , available on Google Play.

We install this app, but we will not notice any changes in WhatsApp. What we have to do is tap on audio and select the Share option. 

There we will see that a TalkFaster icon appears! When you press it, a menu will appear that will allow us to speed up the audio, or remove the silences:

8 - Remember important dates and information

Although this is not a new trick, many users do not know it. Imagine that you want to remember a date, a phone, an important photo that has arrived in a message in a chat. You get a lot of messages in that chat, and it will soon be lost.

A quick way to archive it is to leave your finger on the message for a few seconds. A bar will appear at the top. Tap on the Star icon to mark it as a favorite.

When you want to retrieve that message with the important data, simply go to the chat list, tap on the chat name, and enter Featured messages. There will be what you have saved:

9 - Submit a fake location

We have no intention of promoting lies and deception, but there are times when there is no other choice but to lie about where we are, either to avoid greater evils or because for some reason, we do not want to reveal it.

WhatsApp does not show the default location if we do not have it activated on the mobile or in the app settings, but it is possible that someone will send us a message asking for the location. What can we do? Well, simply send him a fake WhatsApp location.

For this, we are going to need an app like  Fake GPS on Android or Fake GPS Location! on iOS.

If you use Android, after installing Fake GPS  and before using it, you must give it certain permissions. For this, you have to enable the developer options on your mobile and activate Fake GPS in the option called Application to simulate location.

It only remains to launch the Fake GPS app and select the false location you want to use. Well, the Play button ... and voila!

The next time you use WhatsApp when you use the share location option, the recipient will receive the fake location.

Use this power to do good and don't abuse it!

10 - Create a restricted group

Do you know the restricted groups of WhatsApp? They are a special type of group in which only the group creator (the administrator) can write messages. 

It is very useful to create informative groups where you want to share information with several people but without anyone writing anything.

For example, a group of informative notes at work, schedules with your fellow students, idea proposals, etc.

You can create a restricted group from scratch or make a normal group restricted since it is part of a normal group.
  • From the menu of the three WhatsApp points, create a new group, and add at least one person (otherwise you will not be able to create it).
  • Then tap on the group name and enter Group Settings. In Edit group info, check the option Administrators only.
  • Finally, look for the option Send Messages, and check Administrators only
  • You already have a restricted WhatsApp group where only the creator of that group can send messages.

We have seen  10 current WhatsApp tricks that you surely do not know. They are easy to apply and very practical. They are worth it!

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