10 features of Telegram that you may not know

In the 21st century, there are many messengers: Viber, WhatsApp, Line, Messenger FB, WhatsApp, etc. However, next to the Telegram, they nervously smoke on the sidelines. 

10 features of Telegram that you may not know

Its convenience and attention to detail are impressive. Here are some secret "tricks" that may be a real revelation for you.

1. How to seamlessly read messages in Telegram?

There are situations when you want to read the message, but at the same time do it so that the interlocutor does not know that you have read it. It's very easy to do, but it's only possible in the mobile version of Telegram:

  • Turn on airplane mode in the phone settings
  • Read the message
  • Close the Telegram
  • Turn off airplane mode.

This way, you will read the message, but the sender will not know.
If you do everything right, the interlocutor will remain "unread".

2. How to see the full list of followers on the channel?

Of course, few people know about these convenient features, because it only works in the desktop version. Now, step by step:
  • Choose your channel;
  • Go to the right in the information about the channel, at the bottom click on the number of participants;
  • Click on the magnifying glass icon and enter the symbol * in the field.

By opening a complete list of your subscribers, you can delete invalid accounts or strange nicknames and perform other transactions with subscribers.

3. What to do if you need to organize messages in Telegram?

What if in the feed, channel releases, messages from contacts, messages from bots, and posts from group chats are mixed in one pile, and you get lost in this stream? Don't panic - there is a way out! If you have Android, try the Plus Messanger app. 

Its main feature is the division into separate tabs with channels, chats, groups, bots. Themes and appearance you can easily customize to your liking. If you have an iPhone - you can use the analog of Teleplus. Link to iTunes.

4. How to ensure personal privacy in the messenger?

Important to know: You cannot hide a global search account if you have a username. After assigning a nickname (in the "Username" settings), you can always find the profile itself. 

However, the contact specified in the channel description through the search may give a similar person (as if searching by username on Skype).

5. How to hide chats with notifications disabled?

Lack of chat categorization is inconvenient and that's a fact. Let's say you don't want to use unofficial customers for your own reasons. There is a way out, the only nuance: the option works only in the desktop version of Telegram. To activate sorting you need:
  • Select "Settings" in the menu;
  • Enable English keyboard layout;
  • Type "work mode" on the keyboard;
  • Click "OK".

After that, the application will reboot, and on top of all chats will appear the inscription "Hide chats without notifications", clicking on which from the general list will hide all chats in which notifications are excluded. 

To return them, you should click on the same area on the caption "Show all chats". The function is unlocked in the same way as it is enabled - by entering the "work mode" command in "Settings".

6. How to pin important contact and cut system messages?

A fixed chat, contact, or channel will always be at the top of the list in your feed. This can be done by calling the corresponding menu by long pressing on the item you need. If the paper clip (Pin) appears on the right side, everything is done correctly.

Also, many ignore the service messages that Telegram puts for you automatically when you change the logo or when posting a message. They can and should be deleted via the menu that is highlighted after a long press on the service message.

These options are provided only in the mobile and desktop versions of the messenger.

7. How to create your own chatbot at no cost?

Everyone who ever learned about bots met with @Botfather. But what if you want something bigger? @Manybot comes to the rescue. 

It eliminates the need to learn programming languages ​​to prescribe the algorithms of the bot: it allows you to repost from other social networks, and also serves to add commands that can cause plain text, polls, newsletters, and more. 

This is more convenient because it allows you to create and configure a chatbot without leaving the messenger

What else is there? Meet the Botmother. The service is a visual and multi-platform designer of chatbots for almost all popular messengers.

8. How to add an important post to the collection?

A very useful feature was not quite obvious, because in the settings we have a menu "Favorites", but how to add there and save important posts? 

This is done through the "repost" function. It is an arrow to the right of the bottom of any post. When you click on it, we get to the list, where the first item will be "Favorites".

Select "Favorites" and click "Send". Now the important message will not be lost and will always be at hand, especially if you pin "Favorites" in your list of contacts, chats, and channels. You already know how to secure a chat.

9. What are the features of the service for long grids Telegra.ph?

Text formatting capabilities.

If you press Enter while writing an article, the next line will start with a paragraph, and Shift + Enter will allow you to start writing with a new line without a visual space between them.

Try typing *** from a new line and pressing Enter. It will be replaced by a perfect dividing line, which can be used to divide the meaning of blocks of text or add a note, signature, or call to repost at the end.

Subscribe to the channel directly from the article.

Great opportunity to promote your channel for free through guest articles, and just for those cases where you share your material. The point is that the text entered in the "Author" field is linked to your channel.

Then for those potential subscribers who open this article from a mobile or tablet, the "Join" button appears in the title. When you click on it, a quick subscription is made directly from the article.

Service failure or error

Such cases have already happened and may happen again. What if the links don't open? There are two options: either wait until they fix and everything will be fine or use a workaround, the essence of which is to replace the domain telegra.ph in the URL link to the backup graph.org.

10. How is it more convenient to record an audio message in Telegram?

The most common way to record an audio message is to hold down the microphone button, speak the text, release the button, and send the message. What if the spoken text is longer than a minute and your finger on the pressed button is already starting to numb?

Method 1. Pull your finger up and the recording will lock, waiting for the end of your monologue.

Method 2. Even more convenient and natural: just hold the phone to your ear - as in a conversation - and, after saying the message, send or delete it. In the settings, the "Voice recording on zoom" function is responsible for this. 

Simply open the desired chat and hold the phone to your ear to record or listen to the received message. In this case, the recording of your answer begins automatically after listening to the audio of your interlocutor to the end. 

An indispensable thing when you want to know what was sent in a noisy place. It is definitely more convenient than climbing on headphones.

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