5 best games for Learning English

Do you sit at home, watch movies, and play a lot of games aimlessly? Play to your advantage! You've probably heard that computer games can improve your English communication skills. Read how to do it and what to play in our article.

5 best games for Learning English

Immersion in a computer game can be compared to learning a language with native speakers from the United States or the United Kingdom. Why? Because during the game the brain perceives language as an auxiliary tool. 

You concentrate on the game itself, completing tasks and exploring the game world. English serves as a link, not a goal. And this is not the only plus.

3 reasons why computer games are effective for pumping foreign languages

  • Full immersion in the gameplay: During the game, English is not perceived as an end in itself. It's just a tool that allows you to fully immerse yourself in the game and touch the world.
  • Living language: The game's settings are very diverse, and the language in which the characters communicate depends on it. It is clear that the dialogues of medieval England will be different from the dialogues on the space station of the XXIII century. You can choose the setting that you personally like.
  • An interesting plot: The study of vocabulary, grammar, and other features of the language is unobtrusive. All because games are of interest, and this increases the efficiency of memorization. Features and nuances of language are learned easier and faster.

Nancy Drew

  • Required language level: intermediate
  • Helps to pump: vocabulary and grammar

"Nancy Drew" is a legendary series of quests, which now has 41 games. Interesting detective stories and a charismatic protagonist guarantee this game a special place for fans of the genre.

Games in the genre of "quest" are great for learning and developing new vocabulary in foreign languages. With one such game, you can learn from 50 to 150 new words and expressions.

The "point & click" system is actively involved in quests when the player needs to find certain items for a limited amount of time. Such items include everyday items, clothing, and furniture, jewelry, substances, tools, and implements.

That is, almost all subject names are included in the basic vocabulary. And in the "search" mode, when you focus not on memorizing the word, but on passing the game, learning vocabulary is better. That's the paradox.

The dialogues in the game are worth mentioning. They are very simple, the characters speak without slang and idioms, the grammar is extremely simple and clear. 

The language of the sound is clear and slow, so even with basic listening skills, it will be quite easy to understand all the features of the plot.

The Walking Dead

  • Required language level: upper-intermediate
  • Helps to pump: perception by ear, grammar

"The Walking Dead" is a series of adventure role-playing games in which you have to survive in a post-apocalypse.

The game is often called an animated comic book and game book because the decisions and choices of the player largely depend on the plot and its perception. 

From an artistic point of view, the story is wonderful: it tells about friendship, self-sacrifice, choice, and emotional suffering.

There are a lot of dialogues in the game - the whole story is built on them. Therefore, first of all, you will be able to pump the skills of perception and understanding of language by ear. 

There are subtitles in the game, but you will not be able to stop the dialogues, so you need to have at least basic common vocabulary.

The game also has many QTE events (quick time events), in which you need to choose the answer for a very limited period of time. 

The answers will greatly affect the plot, and if you do not make a choice yourself, the game will make it for you at random. Such harsh conditions well encourage a comprehensive understanding of language. 

Man learns to understand the language as a whole, not by translating each word separately. And this is an important step towards fluency in English.

One example of a situation where you need to make a choice quickly. The further nuances of a plot and the relation of characters to the main character depend on it.

In general, the language in the game is quite simple - it will be clear to a person with an intermediate level, but the time limit complicates the task, so we recommend this game to people with an upper-intermediate level and above.

The Witcher III: Wild Hunt

  • Required language level: upper-intermediate
  • Helps to pump: auditory perception, learning slang, idioms, vocabulary

In our subjective opinion, one of the best computer games of all time. And this is a real diamond in terms of language learning. 

The screenwriters approached the creation and elaboration of the game world and characters so carefully that almost each of them has its own peculiarities of language, stable phrases, and style.

In addition to adventure and battle scenes in the game a lot of dialogue. And most importantly, their advantage is a lively and juicy language. These are not dry examples in textbooks, here you want to taste the language from all sides.

Dialogues with the characters are one of the important components of the gameplay. In total, the developers recorded and voiced several hundred hours of cues. The space for improving the skills of understanding and feeling the language is just huge.

There is a curse in the game, but it is so organically inscribed in the outline of the story that it does not feel like something foreign. A special plus is that the vocabulary is very literary - not everyone knows how to swear so elegantly.

The game perfectly pumps up colloquial vocabulary. The game has extensive dialogues with the peasants and eloquent with the king and aristocrats. The language is presented here from completely different angles. And that's cool.

"The Witcher" requires an English level not lower than upper-intermediate. Even better - advanced. But with its help, you can greatly pump the spoken language and enrich it with a huge number of interesting phrases and phrases.

Civilization VI

  • Required language level: intermediate
  • Helps to pump: reading, grammar, vocabulary

An excellent historical strategy in which the player needs to lead the chosen people to prosperity and greatness.

"Civilization" is a huge library of information on history, economics, military affairs, science, culture, and dozens of other areas of knowledge. All aspects of the existence of nations and states are elaborated here in as much detail as can be imagined.

The game even has its own encyclopedia - "Civilopedia", which is not inferior to the sections of "Wikipedia".

Interestingly, during the development of your country, you can at any time contact the Civil Society and learn more about some aspect of development. For example, read about the features of catapults and trebuchets in military affairs or the use of buttresses in construction.

To learn English, the game "Civilization VI" has several significant advantages:

All texts and remarks are written in a fairly simple language. They were created for the widest possible audience, so they contain a minimum of complex terms and phrases. They may well be understood by a student with an intermediate level of knowledge.

You are not limited in time when working with texts and tips, so you can be sure that you will be able to understand each text as fully as possible.

Learning a foreign language through the prism of the historical development of the state is very exciting.

You can choose the topics that interest you: from military affairs to the construction of the spacecraft. No more boring and stale examples.

The Age of Decadence

  • Required language level: upper-intermediate
  • Helps to pump: grammar, vocabulary, language style

The Age of Decadence is a role-playing game in a classic style. But its main advantage is that each quest has at least several options. Therefore, the player can play his character as he pleases.

There are a lot of dialogues in the game. They are tied to the passage of the story campaign and most of the tasks, so just miss them will not work.

Interestingly, the vocabulary of the characters and the main player strongly depends on who you start the game and who you play. The merchant, for example, has a fuller and richer language, and the warrior has a very simple and strict language.

But for a comfortable passage, it is desirable to have a level of English not lower than upper-intermediate. All texts and dialogues are written in a literary-fantasy style, so you need to get used to them. But most importantly, the game helps to improve the style of speech, make the language more natural and beautiful.

In fact, you can choose almost any computer game that has a lot of text and dialogue with other characters. After all, the main thing is to get involved in the gameplay. 

The more you immerse yourself in the game, the less you pay attention to the language. At some point, it is simply perceived by itself. You do not sit over every word but understand the whole sentence.

This is why games are useful as a tool for learning foreign languages. They completely break the language barrier and unobtrusively make possession free. So play games and learn foreign languages ​​easily!

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