6 common Facebook mistakes and how to fix them

There are several errors on Facebook that, although quite annoying, can be easily resolved - which ensures that the social network is taken full advantage of. 

6 common Facebook mistakes and how to fix them

The most common mistakes include notifications that don't work, chat that doesn't send messages, and other problems. Learn more below.

Facebook error: timeline doesn't load correctly

To avoid operating errors such as sending likes, comments, and the like, keep the Facebook application up to date. This ensures that the latest version is up and running - since, the more recent, the more bug fixes have been made by the developers.

To update the application and avoid errors on Facebook is very simple: just search for Facebook on Google Play and tap on “Update application”. 

On iOS, just open the App Store and access your profile. Finally, just scroll down to access pending updates and select Facebook if it is in the options.

Facebook error: notifications don't work

Already, if you are not receiving your notifications on Facebook, it may be because they are disabled in the application settings. 

So, even if you have already updated the application on your device and it still doesn't work, try accessing the "Settings" menu followed by "Applications> Facebook> Notifications" (on your Android phone). Then just activate Facebook notifications. On iOS, the process is similar, but it is done in the "Settings" menu.

If, even with notifications enabled on your device, the problem is still not resolved, try accessing the notification settings in the application itself. 

To do this, access the menu represented by the three lines in the upper right corner of the screen. Then, go to “Notification settings” and change your preferences.

Facebook error: chat bar doesn't load

Another very common Facebook error is the absence of the chat bar on the smartphone screen. If yours is not showing, it may be because it is disabled in the app.

To resolve this issue, select the settings icon at the bottom of the sidebar. Then, tap “Enable chat”. 

On the smartphone, make sure that the Facebook Messenger application is up to date so that contacts can be displayed by tapping the chat icon in the upper right corner of the Facebook screen.

Facebook error: the message is not sent

If you are having problems with sending messages on Facebook, there are three solutions available: the first is to check if you are really connected to the internet (either by 4G or Wi-Fi).

If you're using the Facebook version of the web, try updating your browser. The latest versions are always more reliable against errors.

Finally, your messages may not be reaching the recipient because you are blocked on Facebook. This happens when you have sent a very high number of messages or when some of them have been reported for spam, or for inappropriate behavior. It is worth remembering that, in these cases, the block is temporary.

Facebook error: photos don't load

If your photos are not loading as they should, you can resolve this error on Facebook in several different ways. First, make sure the photo you're trying to upload isn't too big. 

The maximum size allowed by Facebook is 15MB. To access this information, just open your smartphone gallery and then the photo in question. Then, tap "Details" in the menu to see the format, size, date the photo was taken, among other information.

If that doesn't work, check if the version of Facebook - or browser - used is the most recent and update it as soon as possible. In addition, if you are using a program or application that blocks ads on your device, remember to disable it or include Facebook in your list of exceptions.

Finally, if you have edited the photo with the help of programs like Photoshop, try to upload the original version. Remember that if you've recently been reported to Facebook, it may be that the social network has suspended your posts for a while.

Facebook error: videos that don't load

Finally, if you are trying to add a video to Facebook, but without success, first of all, check if the video format is compatible with the one accepted by the social network - that is, MP4 or MOV.

If the previous solution does not work, check the length and size of the video - the maximum is 120 minutes and 4GB. Finally, it is always valid to check if you have an internet connection.

These were some of Facebook's most recurring mistakes - and easy to fix. What others do you know? Share with us in the comments

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