7 Smart Tips to Use the Google Play Store

Google Play Store, formerly called Android Market, is a digital distribution service that is run and developed by Google. 

7 Smart Tips to Use the Google Play Store

This application functions as an official application store for the Android operating system, which allows users to browse and download applications the user wants. 

The Google Play Store also functions as a digital media store, offering music, books, films, and television programs. This application previously also offered Google hardware for purchases until the introduction of a separate online hardware retailer.

The Google Play store has more than 82 billion app downloads in 2016 and has reached more than 3.5 million applications published in 2017. 

And this has been the subject of various security issues, where malicious software has been approved and uploaded to the store and downloaded by users, with varying severity. 

But over time the Google Play Store has again strengthened its security by filtering out applications that don't have to be in the store so that they can't be downloaded randomly by users. 

Well, here I will give you some smart tips on using the Google Play Store that you should know. Here are some smart tips you can try.

1. Manage Your Applications and Games

The Google Play store has the My apps & games menu. Here you can see which applications you have downloaded, pre-loaded, and applications that you need to update. 

This is an excellent place to manage your applications in the Play Store and to access them easily. By looking at your list of applications and games, you can monitor, manage, and delete your applications and games that you don't need anymore.

2. Download the Application Using Your PC

For this little trick, it's still very difficult for people who already know it. Where you can easily download applications to your chosen Android device from a PC. 

All you need to do is log in to your Google account and open Google Play through your PC. There, just find the application of your choice and click install. 

You will see a drop-down menu containing your Android device connected to your Google account. Using this method is very useful if you want to install the same application on several different devices that are connected to each other with your Google Play Store account.

3. Get a Refund for Your Purchase

For those of you who are often or still hesitant to buy a paid application in the Play Store for fear that your money will be lost. 

Then you can try this method, where you can get a refund for Play Store purchases with one tap, provided you do it within 2  hours after buying the application. 

This should be plenty of time to find out if the new weather application really works, or whether the game is as fun as the pictures it makes. 

After you buy the application, on the Play Store page you will see an option to Install or Open. Additionally, the Refund option will appear to the left of it. 

Then you can select the refund button within two hours of your purchase to get your money back and without question.

4. Install Locked Applications Within Indonesia

For those of you who really want to get an application that is not available in this country, then you can still get it by using an additional application, VPN. 

Where this application will give you a secure internet connection through a private network in a location outside the country that you are using right away. And as an important note for you to choose a credible VPN.

5. Don't Use Automatic Updates

For the fifth tips, I only recommend for those of you who do have problems often run out of data because of automatic updates that are in the Google Play Store. 

Where the Google Play Store has a tendency to download updates that are available for your application at the wrong time. And you can quickly say goodbye to your data plan if you are not careful. 

How, you open your settings, click Update Application. Then select Don't update the application automatically. And you can be free to choose when or where you want to update your application.

6. Use Parental Controls

If you don't want your child to download inappropriate apps on the Play Store, you can set parental controls so that your Android device isn't misused. 

This can include games with excessive amounts of violence or gore as well as applications that can put them in danger such as dating or chat applications that provide their location. 

The trick, open the Play Store and open the Menu. Then in Settings, Select Parental Controls and press Slider so that it is selected 'Active'. 

From there you will be asked to create a lock PIN code parents. Create one and then see a list of things that you can download on the Play Store and tap on the limits you want to set.

7. Clean your Home Screen

When you install a new application, Google Play has the bad habit of systematically adding shortcuts to your home screen. 

If this is sometimes practical, it can quickly become annoying, especially if you download lots of applications that you don't use all the time. 

There is a simple method to disable this automatic addition. Namely open Settings. Uncheck the Add icon to the Home screen checkbox. And you can enjoy downloads without having to worry about appearing on your home screen.

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