Best Apps to Control and manage WiFi connection

The use of WiFi networks has become the most common method of connecting to the Internet in most homes, to the detriment of the cable connection, thanks to the fact that it can be done wirelessly. 
Best Apps to Control and manage WiFi connection

In order to always obtain greater security and performance of our WiFi network, it is important to have problems that achieve greater optimization of our network.

In order to always have the best WiFi connection, today we present you with the best applications, both for Android and iOS, with which we can control and manage our WiFi. 

In this way, we will be able to know at what speed they transmit or the level of saturation of the network so that they help us improve their performance.

Fing - Network scanner

This application will help us discover and identify all the devices that we have connected to our WiFi network. We can also scan networks with the integrated scanner, perform speed tests with analysis of download speeds, upload, and latency. 

We will also be able to detect intruders in the WiFi network since it will show us any new and unknown devices with each scan. In addition, it includes port scanning, pinging devices, DNS lookup, and Wake on LAN.


This useful application will allow us to test our connection quickly and with a single click. With Speedtest we will be able to discover what is our download, upload and ping speed, showing us real-time graphics on the state of our connection. 

It has coverage maps by the mobile operator and allows us to test the connection to simulate the download of a file so that we can find out what is the maximum speed at which we can download. 

In addition, it will allow us to keep track of past tests through detailed reports so that we can compare and see if there are differences in the state of the connection.


It is an application with which we can consult coverage maps from our mobile allowing us to find free and open WiFi networks, as well as test and improve the reception of coverage to obtain faster and more accurate data. 

OpenSignal is a free and ad-free application with which we will have both upload and download speed tests, in addition to checking our latency. 

It also has a 4G coverage map, so that we can locate the best and worst places to connect. In addition, it has a compass, through which we can know the direction from which our signal comes and the distance it is from us.


This application will serve to perform speed tests of our WiFi connection. Based on the results, it will indicate what type of experience we will obtain when using different types of applications, offering a rating system that is very easy to use and understand. 

Meteor is a completely free application and compatible with both Android and iPhone mobiles.

WiFi Analyzer

With this application we can turn our Android or iOS mobile into a WiFi analyzer, showing us all the WiFi channels that we have around us, so that we can find a channel with fewer connections from our wireless router, being compatible with both 2.4 GHz networks like 5 GHz. 

This application will offer us all the information we need to know about our Wi-Fi connection. SSID, BSSID, IP address, subnet mask, and provider.

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