Delete the Google account from mobiles that you no longer use

From the appearance of smartphones in our lives until today, surely more than one phone has passed through our hands. 

Delete the Google account from mobiles that you no longer use

Each phone will always be associated with our Google account and every time we associate the Google account with a phone, it will be saved and registered. 

This could go unnoticed, so over time, we can accumulate linked mobiles. In the event that we have sold the mobile, it may pose a risk to our privacy and security. 

The ideal every time we stop using a mobile is to delete the registration of the Google account and today we are going to tell you how we can do it.

One of the ways we have to protect our security is to be able to delete our Google account on mobiles that we no longer use. 

Despite the fact that we think that by formatting and factory reset the device is enough to delete all our data, we often forget that our Google account is still registered in it, but we proceed to delete it.

Delete Google Account

To proceed to delete your account from any device that you no longer use, you must access this Google page and log in. Next, we must access the " Your devices" section. 

Here we will find registered all the devices in which we have logged in with this account. Google is responsible for saving data as the first login and the location of the last recent activity. 

From this section, we can remove access to that device without having to have physical access to it.

To unlink the device is as simple as clicking on the three vertical points that we find in the upper right of each device registered with our account. 

Now a tab will appear where we must click on "Close session". Once this is done, the device will be disconnected from our Google account so that no one can access it.

Unknown Device?

In the "Your devices" section, it may also be the case that we find a device linked to our account that we do not recognize. This may be because someone else may have obtained our password. 

But do not worry, because Google gives us the option to change the password in order to protect our account.

If we click on the three vertical points of the device that we do not recognize, next to the "Close session" option we will have the option of Do not recognize this device? 

From here, Google will allow us to change the password of our account. For this, it will be necessary to log out of all the linked devices, except for the one we are using at the time. 

Once the password has been changed we will have to log in again on each of the linked devices and remove from the list anyone we do not recognize.

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