How to Make Your Smartphone More Smooth When Playing Games

This time we are here to give you some great ways to deal with smartphones with low memory capacity and RAM so they don't experience lag when playing games. 

How to Make Your Smartphone More Smooth When Playing Games

Of course, for those of you who have just bought a new Smartphone with a memory capacity that is classified in the middle order, it can still be smooth when playing games. 

But you also need to know, that a smartphone whose memory and RAM capacity is already in the middle category will experience lag when it has long been used to play games. 

Whether it's because it's already getting hot, or because it has stored a lot of junk in the smartphone's memory. And this can be found when you have owned the smartphone for a long time. 

And as I said, it's very reasonable because the longer we use Android, then usually the more applications and games that are on our smartphone. 

The number of applications and games will certainly consume a lot of RAM and also leave a lot of caches which can reduce the quality of our smartphone. 

For this time we will give you several ways so that your Android is not easily slow, both when playing games or when used for daily activities.

Here are some ways you can use to make your Smartphone more comfortable when playing Games:

 1. Clearing the Cache of Every Application

First, you can clear the cache that is in each application that you have installed on your smartphone. 

Normally, certain applications will keep their cache files from getting bigger by deleting old caches that are no longer in use. However, for an application that does not implement the system, it will accumulate all the cache until it becomes large.

2. Delete unneeded files

When you have many applications, especially the Social Media application, you will definitely get additional files at any time such as photos, documents, videos, and others. 

Therefore try to routinely clean every file that is not useful so that your storage memory still has a lot of storage capacity and makes the system RAM performance more smooth when playing games.

3. Always Update Your Game

If you think updating Games will make your game heavier, actually that's not always true. 

Because when we can optimize the memory in our Smartphone, automatically games that experience updates and add additional files will get enough space in the smartphone's memory. 

That way your game will be able to run smoothly because it is in accordance with the latest updates. 

But it's different from when you update your game and then your memory is not strong because it exceeds your default memory limit, maybe all you can do is be patient, update your smartphone, or also be able to uninstall your game and prefer to stop playing the game.

4. When Playing Make Sure Your Network is Stable

Where the problem that is often encountered is the game experiencing lag or broken because the cellular network or Wifi that we use is not stable. 

When the network is unstable, the reading process in the game will also automatically split and become not smooth. Especially for an online game with fairly large size. So before playing make sure your cellular or Wifi data is in good condition.

5. Don't Activate Other Applications When Playing

The purpose of not activating other applications is where you can close all your applications or suspend them temporarily so that the reading process in RAM memory is less and makes your gaming more optimal. 

Closing the application I mean is where you can press the menu button, or shift the screen area below your smartphone to be able to see what applications are running.

6. Uninstall Unused Applications

If you want to play games smoothly and your smartphone's memory in the middle. You can use this method too. Where you can choose to use only a few applications that if you really need in your activities at any time. 

Don't overload your memory with lots of applications that you won't use in the end.

Well, maybe that's just some of the ways that you can make recommendations and of course, the ways above are also often used by us to provide the best performance into the game so that when playing do not experience things that are not expected.

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