How to set up Face ID on Android

Although most Android phone users use their fingers to unlock the terminal, you should know that there is the possibility of also using the face with Face ID. We teach you how to configure it and the reasons why its use is not recommended.

How to set up Face ID on Android

The latest iPhone models, except for the iPhone SE 2020, may depend on facial recognition or Face ID technology to unlock the terminal, instead of using the fingerprint sensor. Apple bets on this as a great option.

However, in the Android area, things change. You have similar capabilities, and although almost everyone uses their fingerprint to unlock the terminal or make mobile payments, Android also has similar facial recognition functions. 

We show you below, how to use the Android facial unlock in a simple way and configure it as an additional measure to access your mobile. It will help you as a complementary measure to streamline the process. 

Do Android phones have Face ID?

Not quite. You should know that Face ID is a registered trademark of Apple for its implementation of facial recognition on your iOS devices. It is used to unlock a phone just by looking at its front cameras. 

Android manufacturers also offer facial recognition technology, but the name may vary depending on the device or brand. 

One very important difference is that iPhones use 3D sensors to check multiple points on your face to make sure it really is you - this is not a photo they can take on the phone.

Most Android phones only use their selfie cameras for facial recognition and can be tricked by a photo. Also, Face ID still works in the dark, but a normal camera won't be able to see you in low light or totally dark. 

Therefore, using this method to unlock your phone is not as safe or convenient as you would like. And you may prefer to continue using a fingerprint, PIN, or password to keep your phone to a high standard of security. 

Throughout the times that this facial recognition technology has been with us, we have been able to see how some phones came to be unlocked just by focusing on the user's face, regardless of whether they had their eyes open or closed and were asleep. 

If you are still interested in implementing this unlock mode, we show you below how to know if your phone supports face unlocks. 

How to set up facial recognition on Android

If you have a device with facial recognition capabilities, open 'Settings' in system settings and look under the section called 'Security'. In the case of Samsung phones, it is the section on 'Biometrics and security'. 

Usually, it's the same place where you set up your access code, or your fingerprints again, depending on the make and model of the phone you have. 

Here you should see an option for facial recognition or something similar. Select the field, confirm your access code or current pattern, and then search in 'Register face' or an option that indicates the same. 

Next, an assistant will take you through the different steps and procedures to start it up, since the camera must interpret your features as a result of the movement that you must display in a circular way. 

If you use glasses, make sure you have them on during the recognition scan, since until the system tells you to take them off, you must keep them in order to be well recognized. 

What about the alternative look

Some devices will offer the 'Add an alternative look' option. This improves the range of facial recognition, as you will be able to smile, frown, or modify your usual appearance. 

If you are concerned about security and the idea of ​​using a video image of a photograph of yourself to access your phone, there are some additional settings that will allow you to adjust or increase the accuracy of facial recognition. 

Requiring that your eyes are open is very important, as it means that no one can unlock it while you are asleep or if it is taken from your hand or pointed at your face. 

Lastly, you need to make sure that the 'Face Recognition' function is activated within the 'Settings' of the phone. This is all. From now on, your phone will use your face as an unlocking method, either as the only one or as an additional system. 

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