Improve the autonomy of your mobile by correctly calibrating the battery

One of the most important elements that make up our mobile phone is, without a doubt, the battery. And it is of little use to us to have a powerful terminal with large cameras and if it fails in a section such as autonomy. 
Improve the autonomy of your mobile by correctly calibrating the battery

Therefore, manufacturers are increasingly incorporating more powerful and larger batteries with which to use our mobile for as long as possible.

The main problem with any battery is that, over time, it degrades little by little, so it is important to be able to calibrate from time to time, in order to ensure that it can perform at its maximum level for as long as possible. 

For this reason, today we are going to teach you the steps you must follow to calibrate the battery of your mobile, whether it is an Android device or iPhone.

Is it important to calibrate the battery?

Calibrating the battery of our mobile is important since in this way we make sure that it always shows us the real battery indicator. 

Surely we have ever had a mobile phone with 30% battery and suddenly it has turned off, or we have statutorily verified how drastically the percentage drops without practically having touched it. These problems are derived from a bad calibration.

Our mobile calculates the battery charge based on its capacity based on algorithms. In case something goes wrong, the system will show us the wrong battery charge status, which can lead to the problems discussed above. 

To do this, we must avoid applications that promise to carry out this action since, in general, they usually achieve the opposite effect, in exchange for registering our data for commercial use.

Calibrate the battery on Android

Improve the autonomy of your mobile

If we have a mobile phone with an Android operating system we can perform the same steps on any model:

The first thing we must do to correctly calibrate the battery of our mobile is to fully charge the battery, up to 100%. Once fully loaded, we must download it completely until the terminal turns itself off when it reaches 0%.

Once it has been discharged and turned off, we must let the terminal rest for about 4 hours, so that it can release the residual energy remaining in the battery. 

After this time, we will recharge the mobile until reaching 100%. Once the charge is finished we will turn it on again. If you have followed the steps correctly the mobile should be calibrated and not present any mismatch.

Calibrate the battery on an iPhone

In the case that we have an iPhone mobile, Apple recommends doing the calibration of it once a month, so that we can have the most accurate measurement values, as well as having the software always updated to the latest version available. 

The Cupertino company has its own instructions for calibrating the battery. The first thing Apple recommends is that you fully charge the battery until the gauge reaches 100% of capacity. 

Once the load is complete, we must use it intensively to exhaust it as quickly as possible, either by running games or watching videos, until the terminal is completely exhausted.

Next, we will let it rest for about 6 hours so that the battery can release any excess residual charge. Once this time has elapsed, we will put the mobile to charge again and also for an approximate time of another 6 hours, always turned off. 

Once this time has passed without having used it, we can proceed to turn it on and the battery should already be calibrated correctly.

Are you still having a battery problem? 

If despite having correctly calibrated the battery of your mobile phone correctly, you notice that it continues to have problems with the battery and does not correctly display the percentage of charge, it may be due to some hardware failure. 

Therefore, it is advisable to put it in the hands of professionals so that they can carry out the appropriate checks and thus obtain the best solution for your mobile.

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