The Smart Way to Maintain the Security of Your Smartphone

This time we are here to give you some Smart Ways to Maintain Smartphone Security. Maintaining smartphone security is a mandatory requirement for smartphone users today. 

The Smart Way to Maintain the Security of Your Smartphone

In addition to staying safe in using a smartphone as well so that your personal data is maintained and not easily spread unknown.

In maintaining security and care for him certainly not as easy as you think. Because even though our smartphone is a smart smartphone though. 

There must be a certain gap in making the security of our smartphones become weak and easily broken. In fact, hackers will also increasingly innovate with their new tricks to be able to break into the security of our smartphone.

Therefore, we need to be self-aware and try to keep our smartphones safe and secure with Smart Ways to Maintain Smartphone Security that we can do on our own. 

Let's try to see some ways that are smart ways to maintain the security of our smartphone. Here are some smart ways to maintain the security of your smartphone:

Lock your Smartphone

Giving a certain key to your device is a simple way to keep your personal data safe. Because in this way other people will find it difficult to open our smartphone.

And if your friend says about something that you are a cheapskate, then that is one of your responsibilities in protecting your data. Because it's better to make sure your smartphone stays in safe hands than easily opened by anyone even though it includes your own friends.

Always Update Your Smartphone System

By updating the smartphone system, you can enjoy security updates provided by the developer. Because every developer will always try to improve the security of their system. When we don't apply updates like that, you automatically increase risk factors.

Getting an updated smartphone is not a very complicated process. Simply download the update and click the install button. In 5-10 minutes, you will get a safer call.

Use VPN When Using Public Wifi

Now many public wifi providers are out there. And that all also increases the risk for us to easily lose our data. A suggestion from us, it would be better for you to use a VPN when accessing public wifi. 

Because then your smartphone's IP will not be easily recognized and will certainly be difficult to be known by hackers. Here's How to Protect Your Browser Using VPN.

Use the Application From Play Store

Of course, to provide extra security in a smartphone, we must use an application that has been guaranteed by the system. Because right now there are still many people who use download applications to be able to get applications without a license. Though it will be very dangerous for the security of our smartphone.

In this way, we create our own weaknesses. Where we can not know whether the application contains a virus or not. And when the application contains a virus. Our smartphone will automatically be damaged quickly because of the virus.

Always Use Two-Step Security (Two-Factor Authentication)

This method is often encountered in making a google account. Google presents two-factor authentication so that users can 'lock-in' their Google services. Use this method so that your data security is more locked and secure in your smartphone.

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