The Best mobile parental control apps to Protect your children

Mobiles have become a regular entertainment item for the little ones in the house. 

The Best mobile parental control apps to Protect your children

It is more and more common that we leave our mobile for them to play or entertain themselves by viewing their favorite videos. 

The problem is that there are more than a few parents worried about the use that their children may make of the mobile since they have in their hands a vein that can provoke their curiosity more than desired. 

This can cause them to end up making purchases or visiting unsuitable pages. To control the use made by our children there is the so-called parental control.

To prevent our children from making unwanted use of it, a safe mode can be configured, both on Android devices and on iPhone. 

Additionally, there are parental control applications that allow parents to configure the phone to select what they can see, what they can use, and what access may be restricted.

To help you turn the mobile into a safe element for the little ones, today we are going to talk about the best parental control applications that you can download for both Android and iOS.

Kaspersky SafeKids

The Kaspersky SafeKids parental control application allows us to manage the use of mobile phones and their applications, allowing us to instantly detect any suspicious online behavior. 

It also allows us to locate our children on a map and establish a safe area to stay, as well as control the battery level and block content harmful to their safety.

In addition, it allows setting time limits on the use of the installed device and blocking all websites except those that are manually added by the parents to the exclusion list. The application has a free and a paid version for Android and iOS.

Google Family Link

This is the parental control application developed by Google, with which we can establish basic rules to guide children while they learn, play, and discover the Internet. 

Google Family Link will take care of showing us how much time they spend using the applications, being able to view daily, weekly or monthly reports, as well as blocking applications that you don't want them to download.

In addition, it allows us to set time limits in which the device can be used, as well as having them controlled on a map when they go out. This application is free and available for Android and iOS.

Kids place

This application allows us to create a safe area for children on the mobile phone through a child lock that we can activate when children use it, restricting their use. 

This way you can prevent them from accessing websites, downloading applications, or making unwanted calls. It has a personalized wallpaper for children showing only the applications that we have selected.

It also allows you to block incoming calls while Kids Place is on, as well as disable all wireless connections. 

In this way, we are dealing with an application suitable for children of all ages, from babies, small children, and even adolescents, being available for download on Android mobiles.


This application allows us to establish passwords for the use of applications on our mobile. In this way, the smallest cannot access important applications such as text mail, text messages, photos, or any other application that we consider important. 

We can protect applications with lock by fingerprint, password, or 4-digit pattern. It also allows us to hide our notifications while it is activated. 

Thus, we can avoid the unauthorized uninstallation of applications and even take a photo of who has tried to use the mobile without our permission. The application can be downloaded on mobiles with Android operating system.

Parental Control Screen Time

It is an application that will allow us to manage and control the time our children spend in front of the mobile from our own phone. 

In this way, we can limit their daily use, block specific applications that we consider inappropriate for them, or block the mobile so that it cannot be used at certain times.

We may also receive notifications when our child tries to install new applications. In this way, we can know which websites they have been browsing and how long they use certain applications. 

This application has both a free and a paid version and can be downloaded on Android phones.

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