The most common problems on WhatsApp and their solutions

There are several errors in WhatsApp that, although bothersome, can be easily resolved. Most of them concern unsent messages, photos, and videos that do not upload, verification codes, among others. 

 The most common problems on WhatsApp and their solutions

Most of the time, an error in the internet connection can solve the problem, but some other solutions can be very helpful. Learn more below.

WhatsApp error: the message is not sent or received by the recipient

Of course, first of all, it is important to check if your internet connection is active (either 3G or WiFi). 

To do this, just look at the WiFi icon on the taskbar of your smartphone or, in the case of WhatsApp Web, the connection of your computer - in the case of the laptop, there is a shortcut key that disables the wireless connection: check if it was not accidentally activated.

However, the problem is not always with your connection. If the error that appears can be read as “Waiting for this message. This may take a while, ”the problem may also be with your sender's connection.

So, to confirm, it's worth calling him or sending an SMS message asking him to check if everything is right. The error in question is linked to WhatsApp encryption, which due to a connection problem may not be performed correctly.

WhatsApp error: verification message is not sent

If during the configuration of your WhatsApp account, due to an error the verification code was not sent, the problem may be in your smartphone's network. Resolving the situation is very simple: just select the option “Call me” and the code will be sent by phone.

WhatsApp error: media files cannot be sent

WhatsApp sets a limit for sending very large files. So if you are trying to upload a video that is too long or too many photos at once, they will not be delivered. Now, if you are unable to upload a video or image received, your smartphone's memory is probably too full.

To solve the problem, simply delete unnecessary media files or uninstall applications you don't use. To do this, simply access the Android settings and, under "Device support", select the "Storage" option. On the iPhone, just go to "Settings> General> Storage".

WhatsApp error: incorrect date warning

If you've been using WhatsApp for a few years, you've probably already received the incorrect date notice. This disrupts the operation of the application and, therefore, tends to ask you to fix the date and time on your smartphone.

To do this, on Android, access the settings and then select “General management”. Then, tap on “Date and time” and activate the “Automatic date and time” option if it is disabled. This will automatically correct the time.

In case the option is already activated, disable it and change the time manually - in this case, it could be that the error occurred during a time change (such as daylight saving time) and your smartphone has not been updated. 

The date and time option on the iPhone can be accessed in “Settings> General> Date and Time”, where you can also change the time zone.

WhatsApp error: ban warning

If you are receiving the notice that you have been banned from WhatsApp, this may be because you have not followed the application usage guidelines, which inhibits the use of the platform for illicit purposes, obscene behavior, hate speech, spam, automatic messages, among other infractions.

Breaking these rules can lead to a temporary ban. In such cases, there is unfortunately nothing to do. If your account does not return after 72 hours, you will need to create a new one with another mobile number. For more information, visit the WhatsApp Terms of Use.

WhatsApp error: slow application or crashing

If WhatsApp is slow or crashing on your smartphone, this type of error is due to the excess of open apps in the background, which may be impairing the functioning of RAM. So try to shut them down.

On Android, just touch the central key (or the left, which varies depending on the smartphone model) and drag the open applications upwards. On the iPhone, just press the center key twice and drag the applications upwards.

WhatsApp error: contacts not appearing

If you added a phone number to your WhatsApp, but it doesn't appear, try adding it to your calendar as well. If the problem is still not resolved, it is worth inserting the country and city area code before the person's mobile number. This usually resolves the problem.

If nothing changes, check if WhatsApp is authorized to access your contacts. To do this, access your smartphone settings and, under "Applications", open WhatsApp. Then, under "Permissions", check that the "Contacts" option is enabled.

These are the main WhatsApp errors, which can be solved with very simple solutions.

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