Three effective ways to find the right channel in Telegram

The epidemic of coronavirus infection COVID-19 has brought global changes in the professional and personal lives of people around the world. 
Three effective ways to find the right channel in Telegram

Those who are not forced to work use their time to their advantage: they finish long-delayed household chores, organize all current tasks and, of course, read a lot. 

One of the popular sources for useful information on areas of interest is Telegram. But how to find the right channels?

Indeed, there are difficulties with searching in this messenger. In Telegram itself, its capabilities are severely curtailed, and there are no official chat directories. 

The average user can kill a search query and get three to ten results, which Telegram thinks are "most relevant." However, the results will be natural brine from channels, bots, chats, and personal accounts, and all the results can not be seen, unfortunately.

We will tell you about all the effective and well-known ways to find chats. With an integrated approach, you can even find unique communities. Let's go!

Using Google search engine

In the search bar, enter the command with the desired key, for example: "site: travel -join chat" (the command is entered without quotes, and the word "travel" should be replaced by your keyword).

If the query is popular, click on the "show hidden results" link on the last page of the search results because Google thinks the results are very similar.

It is important to understand that, depending on the key, there may be a very good issue, or there may be none. In addition, there are channels, bots, and duplicates, so, in any case, you must manually check the links.

Use of catalogs and analytics services

First, there is no such service or directory where all telegram chats would be. Such a catalog could be made by the team of developers of the Telegram messenger itself, but it is unlikely to do so. 

This is rather due to the fact that Telegram is positioned as an anonymous messenger, and any public chat can become private at any time. That is, it will have to be thrown out of the catalog or there can be no talk of privacy.

Secondly, any directory requires constant updating, and this is possible, again, only with complete data on all chats. The problem arises from the first point - if the chat owner transfers it from the public to private, then without access to the chat, it is impossible to find and update.

However, there are several resources for finding the right channels.

The first resource is a directory of chats from around the world from the chat moderation service Unfortunately, the directory has no functionality other than sorting by country and the ability to add your own chat. 

There is a "sort of rating", but for the average person it is completely unclear on what principle it is built, why in the ranking catalog is in this order.

The second resource is the well-known - perhaps the main tool for analyzing and rating telegram channels. 

Due to the fact that there is a division of channels by topic, convenient search, and sorting by criteria, the service can also be used to search for chats. 

You have to do it manually - open the channel card, go to it by following the link, find information on the channel, or in the description of the accompanying chat. Many admins try to open thematic communities and pour audiences from their channels.

Built-in search in Telegram

Yes, it is bushy, but you can find something. Just kill your query and search for chats among the results. 

As a rule, the names or usernames contain the words "chat" and a word that relates the community to a particular topic, so the telegram indexes them and issues them upon request. 

For example, the query "arbitration chat" can find several large and not very communities. We wrote about the disadvantages of such a search at the beginning of the article.

There are a few more specific ways, such as finding or buying ready-made databases of thematic chats, finding mentions of other chats among thousands of messages in thematic communities. But these and other approaches, in our opinion, are less efficient and more costly.

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