9 apps to edit videos on IGTV and boost your creations

Editing videos for IGTV - Instagram's tool for posting longer videos - doesn't have to be a difficult task. 
9 apps to edit videos on IGTV and boost your creations

There are a number of applications that allow you to add subtitles, apply effects, cut videos, and even include very interesting soundtracks.

Most of these functions are available on IGTV itself, but the applications, in addition to giving an extra touch, allow you to change factors in your video such as lighting, contrast, saturation, among others - hence the importance of its use. 

Next, check out this list of the best options for Android and iOS - that allows you to record and edit videos vertically, as required by IGTV.

1. InShot ( Android | iOS )

InShot is one of the most popular apps when it comes to editing videos - whether on IGTV or not. Its use is very intuitive and editing can be done quickly and efficiently. In addition, the app is free for both Android and iOS - which further increases searches for it.

InShot lets you tweak lighting, contrast, saturation, and add effects to your videos, in addition to changing the background and resizing the video in several different sizes.

2. VideoShow ( Android | iOS )

This application to edit videos on IGTV can be used even more satisfactorily if the video is recorded directly on your camera, since, in this case, it offers special effects that make the footage more interesting.

In addition, the most common editing tools, such as the possibility of cropping the video, and resizing it, are also available in this application, which is free - as long as some ads are watched.

3. VlogIt ( Android | iOS )

If what you want are videos with different sound effects, music, different sources, and other characteristics of videos created for IGTV by famous accounts, VlogIt is, without a doubt, the most complete application. 

Available for both Android and iOS users, it allows you to use very interesting templates, improve audio and video quality and, in addition, save your results in your gallery.

VlogIt is ideal for improving the audio of your video, changing the speed, and adding transition.

4. Quik ( Android | iOS )

In addition to the desktop versions, Quik is also available for Android and iOS smartphones. Like VlogIt, it also has templates - which make editing your video for IGTV simpler and faster - and also tools that allow you to add text, stickers, soundtrack, and even cut scenes from your video or apply effects similar to those of TikTok.

5. Vue ( iOS )

Another good option for editing videos on IGTV is Vue since it allows you to resize your video, add stickers, effects, and even filters - which is not available in many applications out there. In addition, Vue has GIFs that can be added to videos, which is a plus.

6. Unfold ( Android | iOS )

How about creating interesting effects by merging different scenes from the video on your IGTV? 

Unfold allows you to do this and more since it also has presets, templates, and fundamental editing tools - such as the possibility of resizing a video, cutting it, or improving its quality.

The application is available for Android and iOS for free, but in order to use all its tools, it is necessary to subscribe to its premium version. The subscription options are:

7. Soda ( Android | iOS )

This editing application for IGTV is ideal for anyone who wants a tool that can combine all functions into one, without the need to download other apps.

With it, you can gather scenes that were recorded using the app's own camera to create very interesting videos and edit them both at once and separately - which is ideal for creating effects in a single scene. 

Soda also allows you to add effects to videos, filters, and texts from different sources, in addition to resizing your video in the desired format.

8. VideoShop ( Android | iOS )

Editing videos for IGTV can be very simple with the help of this editor, which in addition to wild functions such as the option to put your videos in slow motion, also brings together tools that can be used in other applications, such as effects, possibility to join several different videos in one, cut out unwanted scenes, add text and save the video to your gallery.

Although VideoShop is paid, many of the features listed above are also available in the free version. The Pro version of the application has three different plans. They are:

Monthly: for $ 7.99;
Annual, for $ 47.99;
Permanent, for $ 79.99.

9. Legend ( Android )

Legend's proposal is a little different from the other apps for editing on IGTV, since, instead of the common tools, it has as main focus the creation of vignettes for your video. There are several options of different sources and funds, which will surely make a difference when presenting your content on IGTV.

Have you tried any of the apps on the list to edit videos on your IGTV? Share your experience with us in the comments!

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